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Meek Mirrors has been an industry leader in handcrafted products ranging from shelves to mirrors for over five decades. Are you looking for an experienced and reliable supplier of mirrors, health protection products, and shelving products? Meek Mirrors will deliver and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Designing and Handcrafting Mirrors

At Meek Mirrors, our expert designers and engineers craft your mirror according to your needs and specifications. We have been using high-quality materials sourced from reliable American companies to handcraft the best mirror products.

We custom create our products to meet your property and individual expectations. Moreover, we accept bulk custom orders for mirrors and any of our products.

Our designers and product creators are well trained and experienced in their individual crafts. In addition, we have invested in the best teams to ensure your product’s quality matches your needs. We also use the latest production and manufacturing techniques to ensure the best product quality. Our product quality has remained constant, though our innovation and crafting processes have been subjected to changes since the start.

Our Products

For over 50 years, we have been making and supplying high-quality products to different clients. Our products include:

  • Mirrors (framed, unframed, LED lighted)
  • Stainless steel shelves, p-trap covers, corner guards
  • Specialty products including health protection products, stainless steel countertops, among others.

We use the best materials to custom create your mirrors. Our materials are locally sourced, hand-welded, and hand-finished in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Our handcrafted patented stainless steel-framed mirrors are among our top leading products that clients love.

Contact us to order your custom products. Our experts are ready to serve your individual or collective needs, regardless of your industry.

Our Clients

Meek Mirrors has served a wide range of clients in different industries. We supply our custom products to:

  • Residential. We have designed mirrors for different average and notable homes in different homes. We can create mirrors to match your home décor and specifications
  • Commercial. We serve different commercial clients ranging from shopping malls to grocery stores. Contact us for your commercial mirrors needs, regardless of your industry needs
  • Industrial.

Why We Are the Best

  1. Experience

Meek Mirrors has been in business for over 50 years serving commercial, residential, and industrial clients. We understand every clients’ needs thanks to the expertise and experience we have gathered over the years

  1. High-quality Products

We use the best materials like stainless steel to make high-quality products. All our materials are sourced from top local companies and brands. The products are designed for durability and strength. Additionally, we have a wide range of product types.

  1. Handcrafted Custom

Our experts handcraft all products depending on your custom orders. In addition, we craft all products based on your size specifications and special needs.

Meek Mirrors is a leading manufacturer of top-quality, custom products for commercial, residential, and industrial architectural build. For over 50 years, we have been providing custom mirror services across the country. Moreover, we ensure sustainability by using energy-efficient materials to make energy-efficient fixtures.

Reach out to us for your custom orders, whether it is for residential or commercial needs.


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