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Handcrafted Mirrors are our bread and butter. In 1961, Meek Mirrors designed and patented the Theft Proof Snap Mirror Frame to fill a need in the construction market.

Since then, Meek Mirrors handcrafted mirrors have been installed in more than two million locations by over six thousand dealers!

At Meek Mirrors, our history of handcrafted mirrors allows us to deliver the much-needed designer mirrors suited especially for your business. From frameless mirrors to LED lighted mirrors, our handcrafted innovation is customized for any commercial setting. Each mirror is crafted with precision according to your specifications.

Why Handcrafted Innovation Mirrors are Right for You

Lingering effect 

When your customers come in, they are likely to examine themselves in the mirror. In a commercial setting, the goal is to get customers to stay for as long as possible. Handcrafted mirrors are a great attention holder.

Moreover, you can help maintain professionalism in your workplace by using mirrors that provide a literal reflection of their actions throughout the day. Through handcrafted innovation, our mirrors will increase your workplace etiquette. Whether it’s a messy ponytail or adjusting their tie, you are likely to get a more professional work environment with our handcrafted mirrors.

Capturing your customers’ attention 

The main goal of any business is to capture the attention of their customers. Using mirrors forged from handcrafted innovation is one of the tricks used by successful businesses.

Professionals from Meek Mirrors are happy to provide tips on the best-handcrafted mirrors with easy installation. As an added benefit, our handcrafted innovation covers different sizes, shapes, and a variety of mirrors. You can find out more about how handcrafted mirrors increase your business by reaching out to one of our specialists today!

Commercial Handcrafted Mirror Services 

Running your operations is more than just selling your services and products; it’s also about keeping your business up to date and aesthetically appealing. At Meek Mirrors, we step in to provide an array of mirror options for your commercial space.

Mirror Replacement

Broken mirrors are not exactly the definition of bad business, but they certainly inconvenience you, your customers and employees. Luckily, Meek Mirrors provides replacements for a wide range of handcrafted mirrors. When the mirror proves irreparable, we find it reasonable to replace them.

Through the years, our processes for innovation have changed but the quality of our products has remained the same high-quality products we have always delivered. We pride ourselves on our handcrafted stainless aluminum-framed mirrors and our unmatched quality craftsmanship.

Quality Mirrors from Meek Mirrors 

When you reach out to our specialists, we ensure we set the proper channels for you to ask any questions. Even for smaller mirror applications, we ensure your preferences are prioritized. We set aside enough resources and time to work on your project, call us today for more details.


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