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ADA & Healthcare Products

In the demanding world of healthcare, Meek knows the industry demands are many and Meek delivers. Giving you the highest quality you could possibly hope for we strive for the best always here at Meek!

Recommended Mirrors

There are many considerations when working with the needs of residents, patients and challenged people. Those considerations include safety, application, style, reflective surface, users' limitations and mounting system. It may be as simple as a fixed tilt mirror over the bathroom sink to a larger adjustable mirror such as the Meek Demonstration Mirror. Reflective surfaces must be considered in your application. Glass may be fine or should have a tape backing or perhaps be tempered to protect users from breakage. Or perhaps the reflective surface needs to be Plexiglas or a stainless steel with a Number 8 mirror finish. Meek has eight different reflective options.

Adjustable Tilt Frame Mirror | Stainless Steel Mirrors

Adjustable Tilt Mirrors

The corners of the stainless steel face are hand welded, sanded and polished and they also do the same on the four seams going to the back of the mirror.

ADA Fixed Tilt Mirror | Commercial Mirrors

Fixed Tilt Mirrors

The corners of the stainless steel face are hand welded, sanded and polished and they also do the same on the four seams going to the back of the mirror.

Polycarbonate Mirror | Meek

ToughBreak PolyCarbonate Mirrors

For applications where safety is the primary concern or where breakage and/or vandalism is possible.

Stainless Steel Grab Bars

Our grab bars are constructed of 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel with a standard satin finish. Manufactured with snap flanges, these bars meet or exceed all building codes for barrier free design.

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Retirement Centers

We are excited about being included in the designs for the incredible new facilities being built for those beginning retirement and wanting the availability of additional facilities or assistance if needed.  The décor includes custom framed mirrors including stainless steel, aluminum and over 2,000 Larson Juhl frame options.  Meek project experience includes over 300 custom framed and sized mirrors to one west coast project.  And ADA, Demonstration Mirror, custom design stainless frames and other wood frame mirrors. Those residents are going to really enjoy their new homes and leisure life style.  And don’t forget our lighted mirror options.

Behavioral Health Centers

Let’s protect your residents and patients and provide a visually appealing product.  The days of the only option is an institutional looking product is past when working with Meek.  The design considerations include: frameless, framed, mounting systems and reflective surfaces.  With over 2,000 options of frames and 8 reflective surfaces, Meek is able to help you select the right mirror for your project, design, or application.

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