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Are you in the market for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing fixed mounted mirrors for your commercial or residential property? Meek Mirrors is an industry leader in crafting and supplying high-end, functional, and visually pleasing mirrors.

The ADA fixed tilt mirror is one of the most prevalent and most valued mirror options from our wide selection. Read below to discover the features and benefits of the fixed tilt mirror in commercial applications.

ADA Fixed Tilt Mirror Features

Our fixed tilt mirror features hand-welded and hand-polished corners for a top-quality finish and product quality assurance. At Meek Mirrors, we handcraft all our clients’ individual orders for a more personal and authentic touch.

The fixed tilt mirror tilts 1” at the bottom and 4” at the top. This unusual placement and positioning help to increase the mirror’s functionality. In addition, the tilt makes it ideal for assisted living facilities by reducing the stress and hassle of trying to access a mirror.

In addition, the mirror’s frame is designed with top-quality 18 gauge 304 stainless steel for extra sturdiness and durability. 304 stainless steel contains an abundance of nickel and chromium that increase corrosion resistance. As such, the fixed tilt mirror is highly protected against corrosive products.

The mirror has a theft-resistant concealed mounting. This feature makes the mirror perfect for commercial property installation and areas prone to vandalism and theft.

Additionally, this mirror is mainly installed at a minimum height of 40” from the surface of a finished floor. This is the standard ADA-recommended mounting height for the fixed tilt mirror.

The fixed tilt mirror also comes in a bright and satin finish for an increased aesthetic appeal.

ADA Fixed Tilt Mirror Benefits

The mirror is beneficial in commercial spaces for several reasons, including:

  • Clear visibility. The mirror is designed and mounted unconventionally but still ensures complete clear  visibility for users
  • Secure and durable. The mirror features a solid stainless steel frame that protects the mirror from damage. It also features a theft-resistant concealed mounting that reduces the chances of vandalism
  • Aesthetic appeal. The beautiful satin finish makes it perfect for installation in commercial restrooms such as shopping malls and clothing stores. Meek Mirrors handcrafts and hand-polishes these mirrors to ensure a stunning end product
  • Strong designs. The mirror is designed with sturdy materials that guarantee its strength. Moreover, the frames on this mirror can be powder coated for extra protection against damage. Powder coating is a better alternative than painting and secures even the roughest surfaces. These features make it ideal for high-traffic areas prone to vandalism or damage
  • Product options. The mirror is available in 8 different options, allowing you to customize the final design to match interior décor and your needs.

Meek Mirrors handcrafts the fixed tilt mirror according to your custom order. The mirror’s design and mounting make it ideal for residential or commercial restrooms. In addition, the mirror increases a space’s aesthetic appeal, making it an unusual yet functional piece of décor for different spaces.

Contact Meek Mirrors to order the fixed tilt mirror for your needs, whether you need single or bulk orders.


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