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Meek Mirrors’ aluminum-framed mirrors are visually appealing but robust mirrors that will embellish any space. They can be placed on any wall space or above sinks and counters to add elegance and functionality to interior spaces. They are ideal for use in restaurants and commercial buildings due to their design.

Product features:

  • Robust aluminum molding by Nielsen Bain Bridge
  • Security cleat system
  • 1/4″ Mirror

Spruce Up Your Interiors

The aluminum-framed mirrors come in a variety of colors and profiles. You can select a color that blends with your interior and accentuates your style.  You can use it as a wall mirror to add light to your interior spaces and serve as a functional alternative to wall art or you can use it for bathroom renovation to give your bathroom a facelift and add more character to space.

A Robust Mirror

The aluminum framed mirror is suitable for use in commercial and public facilities. They are more robust than standard mirrors and can withstand frequent contact with people in high-traffic areas. The design is exquisite, while the security system makes it tamper-proof and suitable for use in vandal-prone areas. The mirrors are custom-crafted to ensure that each product is free of defects and of the highest quality.

Aluminum Framing Mirror Glazing Options

Plate Glass Mirror: the standard ¼ (6mm) glass mirror with a silver coating on its back surface. It is a good option if you are looking for mirror with great reflective qualities.

Category II Tape Backed Mirror: this is a standard plate glass mirror with a category II tape applied at its back. The tape prevents fragmentation when shattered. It is ideal for use in public spaces where a shattered mirror has a high risk of causing injury.

Laminated Mirror: it is made of a pair of glasses, one of which has a coating. A vinyl layer separates them in a structure that holds them together when shattered.

Tempered Mirror: the tempered mirror has a design structure that prevents shattering when broken.

Acrylic Mirror: the acrylic mirror is made of plastic and is lighter but harder to break than the standard plate glass mirror. However, it needs sensitive handling because it is susceptible to scratching.

Polycarbonate Mirror: the polycarbonate material is softer than acrylic, producing an extremely light mirror with high optical clarity. This is an exotic mirror you can use at the office because it is extra strong.

Aluminum Mirror: this is a glass mirror with a reflective aluminum front surface and an aluminum matte finish at the back. It is a sturdy mirror that you can use in public facilities.

Stainless Steel Mirror: this is a robust mirror made of stainless steel with a highly reflective finish to make it function as a mirror. It is ideal for use in commercial facilities.


The aluminum framed mirror has a 15-year warranty against mirror spoilage and a 1-year warranty against defects in the workmanship. (The 15-year warranty will be voided by the use of inappropriate cleaning solutions or procedures.)

Order with Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors is a veteran small-owned business based in Fort Smith, Arizona. We are a major supplier of theft-proof handcrafted mirrors in the US. Whether you want to install a large mirror in public washrooms or a small mirror in your living room, we can make one for you. Contact us to talk with our experts about the type of aluminum framed mirror to use for your project. You can also request a quotation.

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