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Unlike wood and other materials, aluminum framing offers the unrivaled benefits of strength, durability, and budget-friendliness. Meek Mirrors manufactures durable, elegant, and functional aluminum-framed mirrors for residential and commercial installations.

As an industry-leading mirror manufacturer in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Meek Mirrors supplies aluminum-framed mirrors with top-of-the-line features and benefits. Check out our guide on aluminum-framed mirrors from Meek Mirrors.

Features of the Aluminum-Framed Mirror

Aluminum’s versatility and strength make it the perfect material for framing high-quality, handcrafted, and hand-polished mirrors from Meek Mirrors. Whether you seek to improve your home decor or add an element of functionality above any sink or counter, the aluminum-framed mirror is the perfect mirror choice. Features of the Meek Mirrors’ aluminum-framed mirror include:

  • The mirrors feature high-quality aluminum molding from Nielsen Bain Bridge. Nielsen BainBridge is a leading designer and manufacturer of elegant, top-notch framing products made from an assortment of high-end materials. Rest assured, this partnership conveys the aluminum-framed mirror’s credibility as a certified product.
  • Top-class security features. Meek Mirror’s security cleat system ensures the aluminum-framed mirror remains theft-free. As such, it is the perfect mirror to install in commercial bathrooms since it is safe from vandalism.

Why Should You Buy the Aluminum-Framed Mirror from Meek Mirrors

  1. Customized Options. Meek Mirrors can custom-craft the aluminum-framed mirror to match your precise specs and needs and stand out from the crowd. You can order the aluminum-framed mirror in custom sizes from Meek Mirrors.
  2. Mirror Varieties. Meek Mirrors handcrafts each mirror product in various options. You can get the aluminum-framed mirror in different profiles and colors to match your decor or needs.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal. The aluminum-framed mirror is also polished to give it a timeless, classic, and neat appearance. Additionally, high-quality aluminum also has some relatively elegant appeal. The result is a visually appealing mirror installation regardless of where you hang it.
  4. Residential or Commercial. The aluminum-framed mirror is versatile enough to be installed in your homes, offices, or hotel spaces. You can hang it above your vanity, along the hallway, above your bed, etc.
  5. All Our Products are Locally Made in the US. All materials and products used to custom-craft the aluminum-framed mirror are locally sourced and assembled at our Fort Smith, Arkansas location.

Order from Meek Today

Meek Mirrors takes bulk or custom orders for its mirror products. Contact us to order the aluminum-framed mirror in color, framing, and profile variety.

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