Summer Production

Here at Meek Mirrors, Summer is always a busy time of year for us and our customers. We have customers buying a multitude of products for job sites across the country. We love the business that our customers bring us and want to always make sure we give 100% to every order from production to shipment.

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US Government Encourages: Buy American Made Products

Made in America | Meek Mirrors

‘Our products are 100% American made, and we’re proud of that. ” US Government Encourages Buy American Made Products That is a great idea.  This would increase the number of jobs and provide more revenues to help reduce the deficit. And it would stop rewarding over seas employers and governments who do not pay good

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Created With Care

What really sets one company apart from another? For us, the difference lies in the quality of our product and how we make it. One way we take that extra step in ensuring amazing quality and production is by Going Green. If you want to Go Green, you can’t do it with products made in [...] Continue reading »

The Importance of American-Made Products

American Made Products | Meek Mill

Our products are 100% American made, and we’re proud of that. Made in the USA.  The Reality Unfortunately a product does not have to be made in the USA to have this label. Many products labeled made in the USA are only partially made in the USA.  It is easy to legally label “Made in

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