What are Some Types of Commercial Mirrors

When thinking about commercial projects who often thinks of the washroom or lobby, unless you are in the section 10 division. What washroom or lobby would be complete without any commercial mirrors. Whether you are looking into commercial mirrors or simple theft resistant restroom mirrors, Meek offers a variety of commercial mirrors with many different

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Get Them While They’re Still Here…

Meek has been very busy this summer production has been flowing better than ever. We have very few select LED Mirrors left in stock. Order yours now and get a 10% discount now through September 15, 2017 use the code LED10 during check out and get your discount now. If you call be sure to

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US Government Encourages: Buy American Made Products

Made in America | Meek Mirrors

‘Our products are 100% American made, and we’re proud of that. ” US Government Encourages Buy American Made Products That is a great idea.  This would increase the number of jobs and provide more revenues to help reduce the deficit. And it would stop rewarding over seas employers and governments who do not pay good

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The Importance of American-Made Products

American Made Products | Meek Mill

Our products are 100% American made, and we’re proud of that. Made in the USA.  The Reality Unfortunately a product does not have to be made in the USA to have this label. Many products labeled made in the USA are only partially made in the USA.  It is easy to legally label “Made in

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