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Are you looking for a mirror option to install in your bathroom or anywhere you fancy? Meek Mirrors is a leading provider of classy and functional mirrors, including the timeless classic frameless mirror.Frameless mirrors are the greatest addition you can have to a wall, whether bathroom, kitchen or dining area. Check out below why classic frameless mirrors from Meek Mirrors are worth your investment.

Frameless Mirror Features

Meek Mirrors crafts frameless mirrors with crisp, clean edges, allowing for edge-to-edge reflection and entire-width visibility. In addition, the classic frameless mirror from Meek Mirrors measures ¼ inch in thickness, making it perfect for small spaces with minor dimensions.

Generally, it has a clean untainted cut, making it the perfect installation for hotels, motels, housing projects, retail, dorms, apartments, and gyms. It is also the ideal fit for any industrial, commercial, or residential space due to its simplicity.

Benefits of Meek Mirrors Frameless Mirrors

  1. Little Maintenance

One of the biggest flex of a classic frameless mirror from Meek Mirrors is it needs less maintenance, owning to the absence of a frame. As such, it is easier to clean and maintain. In addition, a frameless mirror is a more hygienic choice since frames are often breeding grounds for germs and dirt.

  1. Handcrafted and Customizable

Meek Mirrors is known for handcrafting its mirrors and products from quality sourced materials. Moreover, they handcraft their products based on client preference and specifications. When you custom order a classic frameless mirror from Meek Mirrors, rest assured you will get a product designed to fit your measurements.

  1. Versatile

Meek Mirrors produces frameless mirrors in several choices, allowing you to customize the final product. The mirrors are available in pencil polished, beveled edge, or flat polished options.

In addition, the classic frameless mirror is versatile enough to be installed on any property. Whether you want to install it on your restaurant wall or residential property, the frameless mirror provides a clean look that matches almost any type of décor and space.

  1. Easy to Install

Firstly, the frameless mirrors from Meek Mirrors are perfect for areas with a tight-fitting installation. The mirrors can be mounted with clips, j-channel majestic glue or stand offs also come with a quick installation kit to help ease the installation process.

In addition, the mirror has several mounting options, including mastic, standoffs, aluminum j-channel, and clips (metal or plastic).

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

If you want to improve your interior design, try a premium frameless mirror from Meek Mirrors and watch your space transform significantly. The Meek Mirror frameless mirror has a seamless finish, making it a perfect match for contemporary or minimalistic style rooms. This then creates a visually appealing aesthetic and may increase property value.

Meek Mirrors Frameless Mirror

You can order a single unit or bulk frameless mirrors from Meek Mirrors. Meek Mirrors engineers are dedicated to designing and handcrafting the best frameless mirror designs based on your order and specifications. All Meek Mirrors frameless mirrors are made in the US and are shipped to different clients in different countries globally.

Contact Meek Mirrors to consult and place your order for classic frameless mirrors for your residential, commercial, or industrial needs.

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