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Most people take glass for granted since it is everywhere you go from residential to industrial and commercial structures. Have you ever stopped to think how much glass plays a role in the appearance of restaurants, schools, shopping malls, and office buildings? Unless you are looking at an architectural masterpiece, then you probably have not thought about it. But did you know, glass is the base material of every mirror, which plays a functional and aesthetic role.

There are several different types of commercial mirrors that are available on the market. You may just think you can select a simple mirror and move on but there are so many other options available to keep your office, restaurant, school, or other public destination interesting and exciting.

Types of Commercial Mirror Products

Framed Mirrors 

Framed mirrors are the most common type of commercial mirror products and are available in stainless steel and aluminum. Metal framed mirrors come in a variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses, and finishes to fit any commercial décor. The angle snap framed mirror is best for restrooms and features hand-welded and polished corners with theft-resistant concealed mounting and are available in a bright or satin finish.

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors are a clean and crisp presentation since the surface area extends right to the edge without a border. Frameless mirrors are an excellent no-frills option and are great for placement in smaller rooms. Frameless mirrors are economical, easy to install, and are a great fit for commercial buildings. The most common designs include a beveled edge, flat polished, or pencil polished.

Infinity Mirrors

Infinity mirrors are frameless floating mounted mirrors that add elegance to any space. Given their beauty and grace, they also feature a theft-resistant concealed mounting system that is seamless and secure. Infinity mirrors are ideal to spruce up the internal décor of office buildings, hotels, and retail destinations.

LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are either side-lit or back-lit depending on the room and impact you desire. Typically, LED mirrors are mounted with a stainless steel base and hangers and are best used for commercial restrooms. Since they use LED lights, power consumption is low, and they last much longer than traditional lighting. Additionally, LED mirrors are available in 3000K warm amber or 5000K cool white, hold easily replaceable lights, and can be hard-wired or use a standard U.S. plug.

Surveillance Mirrors

There are two types of surveillance mirrors: convex, which are great for buildings that have low outdoor visibility of oncoming pedestrian or automotive traffic, and dome, which is the ideal option for indoor areas like hospitals, prisons, clinics, and commercial facilities.

Convex mirrors provide collision surveillance and prevention by covering a 160-degree viewpoint and are available in stainless steel, glass, or high impact plastic.

Dome surveillance mirrors are installed flush to the ceiling of a structure and provide full visibility within the reflection to ensure ideal safety and security. Dome mirrors are available in 4-way, L-way, and T-way styles and can be hung on the ceiling or vertically on the wall.

Glass and mirrors play a major role in most lives without really receiving the deserved credit. However, when you purchase your next beautiful and functional mirror, hopefully, you will consider the importance glass plays in your daily life, and reach out to Meek Mirrors for all of your mirror needs!


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