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Commercial Mirrors

Meek reflective surface options include tempered mirror, Category II tape back, acrylic, #8 stainless steel mirror finish,, laminated, polycarbonate and aluminum.

Recommended Mirrors

There are many considerations when working with the requirements of a commercial setting. Those considerations include safety, application, style, reflective surface, handicap/special needs and mounting systems. In areas with high vandalism, our channel frame with a one minute replacement is an excellent choice as well as offering tempered or laminated glass. Meek angle frames are also theft-resistant, beautifully framed and constructed with rust-inhibiting 304 stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Mirror | Meek Mirrors

Infinity Floating Mirror

Meek’s Infinity Mirror is a truly elegant polished edge mirror floating in our sleek handcrafted stainless steel frame.

M1510/M1500 Channel Frame Mirror

Channel Framed Mirrors

Sleek, stylish & handcrafted, these mirrors would look great with any commercial project. Get your custom quote today.

M1210 Angle Frame Mirror

Angle Frame “Snap” Framed Mirror

Meek’s finest quality commercial restroom mirror is so extraordinary that it works anywhere a contemporary, genuine stainless steel mirror is wanted.

M4410 | ADA | Fixed Tilt Framed Mirror

Fixed Tilt Mirrors

The corners of the stainless steel face are hand welded, sanded and polished and they also do the same on the four seams going to the back of the mirror.

Polycarbonate Mirror | Meek

ToughBreak PolyCarbonate Mirrors

For applications where safety is the primary concern or where breakage and/or vandalism is possible.

MPE Frameless Mirror | MBE Mirror

Frameless Mirrors

Mirrors that create sleek looks that are more fitting for elegant/upscale types of businesses.

Steel Mirror | American Made Mirror

Stainless Steel Security All Mirror

All models are made from type 304, 18 gauge stainless steel. No. 8 architectural grade mirror finish.

Wholesale Mirrors | Tri-View Mirror

Tri-View Mirror

Flexible easy to use Mirror that lets you or your customers view themselves from multiple angles.

Industries We Work With


Our - demonstration mirrors hanging in a restaurant in Maryland.