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Can’t find just the right mirror or simply don’t think your idea is possible?  You simply need a Custom Mirror, so Come to Meek.

A specialty mirror is a custom mirror co-designed with the architect, designer or owner to meet their own requirements.  The requirement may be special wood work, custom stainless steel styling, special glass, unique sizes, special lighting or location. This is an easy process for Meek.  Simply write down as much as you know about this special mirror and call us or fill out the form below.  We’ll be happy to discuss it with you. Send any design information and we’ll work together to create your unique design for you.  Take a look at some of our past custom projects we have done. We strive for above & beyond when it comes to meeting your specific needs. Even if you think it’s the most impossible design, our production team can surely surprise you.

Above we have a beautifully custom designed Angle Frame Mirror for a customer who has a stainless steel designed bathroom.

Above we have three of our demonstration mirrors inside a popular restaurant. Ask us  about how you can place your custom order today.

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