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Public safety of your staff and visitors is key, regardless of the kind of business you run. When walking around sharp corners it is always helpful to know what is on the other side. This is especially true if employees are regularly carrying items or if machinery is in use. In these instances, it is crucial to take the guesswork out of it by using dome surveillance mirrors. These are easy mirrors to install and yet offer a world of difference for everyone walking. If you’re looking for ways to make your place of business safer you need to look into a dome surveillance mirror from Meek Mirrors.

What is a Dome Surveillance Mirror?

This kind of a mirror is a half-sphere or dome, that is placed onto the ceiling at the corner of intersections. The dome is covered in a reflective mirror material that makes it possible to see around corners. Because of the curved design, anyone at the intersection can see down, around the corner. The installation of such a mirror will help avoid any kind of collisions that might occur. It also helps make certain locations safer, such as prisons, police stations, and other locations where it is important to know where everyone is at all times. No other device can quickly and easily let you see directly around the corner, especially in such a cost-effective design. 

Nearly Any Placement

The dome surveillance mirror from Meek Mirrors come in both half, full, and quarter dome styles, depending on whether you want it to be pressed into a corner, hanging from the ceiling, or positioned between the ceiling and wall. The mirrors from Meek Mirrors can also be placed either on the wall or the ceiling. This will help ensure the mirror will always work with your particular setup within your business facility. 

The domes are not glass but instead are available in either an all-steel reflector design or you can opt for a high-impact plastic. Feel free to ask us more about the benefits of each material. The dome surveillance mirrors from Meek Mirrors can be used for several hallway designs. If you have a corner “L” design this is helpful, as is the three hallway “T” design. It can also be used in a four-way hallway as well. So no matter the kind of walkway you have or the building material of the ceiling or walls, there is a design and construction dome surveillance mirror options available for you from Meek Mirrors that will work for your facility’s needs. 

Improve Your Security And Safety With a Dome Surveillance Mirror From Meek Mirrors

If you’re looking to improve the overall safety and security of your building you will want to invest in dome surveillance mirrors from Meek Mirrors. These mirrors are durable, lightweight, and can be installed on just about any ceiling material. This will instantly make hallways and corners safer than ever before. So whether you have had accidents and collisions in the past or you’re simply always looking for ways to improve safety for your employees and visitors to the building, dome surveillance mirrors from Meek Mirrors is a viable, affordable option. So, if you want to learn more about how mirrors from Meek Mirrors can improve the safety of your building, you have questions regarding how the mirrors are installed, or you’re ready to move forward with the purchase process, now is the perfect time to reach out and connect with the staff here at Meek Mirrors. Whatever your mirror needs are, Meek Mirrors is here for you. 

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