Expert Insights: How to Create the Ultimate Home Gym

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At the start of 2020, exercising from home was a completely new experience that we weren’t entirely prepared for. Prior to coronavirus, many hadn’t considered the importance of having a dedicated workspace that promotes productivity while remaining separate from their day-to-day lives. However, now people recognize the value of adding functional spaces to their homes, such as a gym. That’s why we reached out to gym experts from Miami to Sacramento to provide you with some tips for creating an authentic gym-like experience at home. So read on and learn how to build the home gym of your dreams.

Know Your Goals

Too often, people feel compelled to purchase expensive equipment that they will never use again. Instead, decide what your fitness goals are, and what you enjoy doing in the gym (cardio, weight lifting, yoga) and then purchase equipment and a gym set up that fits your lifestyle. Start by making it a place that you want to go to in your home and add in your favorite equipment last. – Swift

Only purchase equipment that will have multiple uses and you’ll consistently use. Things like treadmills and bikes are pricey and can turn into expensive dust collectors or clothing racks. Equipment like dumbbells, barbells, jump ropes, medicine balls, boxes, and kettlebells allow for variation in your training and add a sense of fun. Whatever keeps you coming back to your workouts is what you should invest your hard-earned money in! – SoCal Weightlifting

Keep it Simple

Most home gym equipment is a waste of time and money. All you really need is a sturdy rack, a bench, a barbell and a place to do deadlifts. These tools are the most effective means of changing your body, and you can pass them down to your grandkids so they can do the same. – TFN Training

Prioritize Efficiency

When creating a home gym, efficiency is everything. Consider incorporating one piece of equipment that can serve multiple functions, such as a cable machine, and can be used for a variety of exercises. If machines aren’t your favorite, consider incorporating equipment that can be used together for a range of movements, like dumbbells and resistance bands. – Triyo Fitness

Start with the Basics, Don’t Rush Yourself

Working out at home really isn’t for everyone, so before you go out and spend a few thousand dollars on a complete home gym, start with the basics. For most people that means a pair or adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable bench. With an app like FitnessAI, you can input exactly what equipment you have to receive a personalized workout every single day. FitnessAI’s algorithm is based on over 6 million workouts, and even optimizes reps based on what weights you have. This ensures you are taking complete advantage of all your equipment, getting the most bang for your buck, and optimizing precious space in your home. – Fitness AI


Most do not have an infinite amount of space (or budget) when first setting up their home gym. Build your gym out one step at a time with high-quality, versatile, and equipment you know will actually be used. Versatile pieces of equipment, where numerous different exercises can be accomplished in minimal space, like a barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebell are especially useful. – Garage Gym Experiment

Create a Space That Motivates You

To create the ultimate home gym you need to create an environment that is motivating and inspiring for you to be in. Working out in a garage by yourself isn’t as easy as having the motivation provided by group classes or a quality coach. Don’t make it harder for yourself by not setting up your gym in a way that is enjoyable for you to be in. Instead, consider adding photographs, artwork, your country’s flag, and a blackboard to write down your goals or the workout for the day. The goal is to make sure you set up the space to be something you’re going to enjoy spending time in. Otherwise, guess what… you won’t! And your fitness goals will suffer as a result. – Wod Sites

Make it your happy place! If you enjoy being in your home gym you’re more likely to use it! Paint the walls, hang up your favorite posters, add colored LED lights, and make sure you have a stereo to bump your favorite tunes! – Camp Rhino

Mirrors are Essential

When installing multiple frameless mirrors together, make sure they have flat polished edges so that they can be butted up against each other. They can be installed using mirror adhesive, clips and screws, or j-channels. Keep in mind, if you use the mirror adhesive, it is a permanent install and will mess up the drywall if the mirror is ever removed. – Meek Mirrors

Take Room for Stretching into Consideration

The main piece of advice that we give to all our clients is to only fill your gym to 75% of its capacity. This creates a functional training area for exercises and stretching. It also ensures that the room isn’t overcrowded and has a spacious feel that allows homeowners to escape from day to day distractions and focus on their wellness. – Gym Marine

Include a Space for Mental Exercise

When trying to create the perfect home gym it’s critical to remember that you really need a meditative space to focus on the task at hand. A garage or spare room can work fine of course, but it really needs to be entirely dedicated to your gym experience if you want to maximize your results. Don’t let your workout space become a dumping ground for other things. If you have limited space in your home, or simply want to create a more soundproof experience, please reach out to us. – Thinktanks

Invest in Proper Lighting

Lighting can make or break your workout experience. Harsh lighting that is misplaced will distract your attention and have a negative impact on your workout. We always recommend either well placed recessed lighting over your weights and equipment to properly light up your gym. Alternatively for an easier install a simple line of track with LED track heads that are adjustable allowing you to point them where necessary. – ELCO Lighting

Take Advantage of Resistance Bands

Heavy-duty resistance bands are an excellent addition to the home gym. You can use them as a handy warm-up tool, to add resistance to body weight movements, and for stretching. They are multi-functional, durable, and can be used by the whole family. – Crossfit Amoskeag

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