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Looking for a sleek and strong ADA mirror to install for your home, business premises, or commercial property? The fixed tilt framed mirror is a perfect choice. The fixed-tilt framed mirror tilts downward at an angle to provide visibility for people in a wheelchair, and is an excellent choice for assisted living facilities, restaurants, and schools.

Technical Details

The fixed tilt framed mirror is a robust mirror made of 6mm thick float glass. The mirror is protected with ethafoam cushioning strips that provide ample provisions for venting. The wallplate is 22 gauge (.76mm) lock formed of high quality corrosion resistant galvanized steel.

Meanwhile, the frame has hand welded corners on the face and the sides and is tilted at a right angle. It is type 304, 18 gauge (1.06mm) stainless steel, which is highly polished to a satin brushed or bright polished finish. The frame is fixed in place with a fully enclosed frame tapering from 4cm at the top and 1″ at the bottom. This design makes a tamper-proof and theft-resistant which can last for many years in high traffic public facilities.

The fixed tilt framed mirror is ADA recommended for mounting heights of 40 inches above the finished floor.

Meek mirrors offers a one year guarantee against defects in the material and the workmanship. The mirror glass comes with a 15 year warranty against silver spoilage.

Product characteristics:

  • Hand welded and polished corners
  • 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel
  • Tilts 4” at the top and 1” at the bottom
  • Theft-resistant concealed mounting
  • Field replaceable

Special features:

  • Powder coat option
  • Bright or satin finish
  • Available in 8 mirror options
  • Made to order custom sizes

If you want to install the fixed tilt framed mirror on your property, contact us immediately. We provide custom adjustments to mirror glazing and frame style to produce a mirror that suits your style and functional requirements.

About Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors was founded in 1961 and has a history of creating highly innovative mirror designs with a strong emphasis on functionality and elegance. From its humble beginning in Fort Smith, AR, Meek Mirrors has been a pillar in the construction industry, with its mirrors installed in over two million locations around the US. The company pioneered the theft-proof snap mirror frame, which revolutionized the market for mirrors used in public facilities.

Meek Mirrors is a veteran owned company that makes all its products in the US. We take pride in manufacturing handcrafted mirrors and steel products using the highest quality materials. We make sturdy, sleek mirrors, stainless steel shelves, and health protection products for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Meek Mirrors values its customer and is always keen to ensure they are happy with the products they buy. The friendly staff help customers understand technical details and address any queries they may have. We ship standard orders in less than 48 hours while custom orders take between two and six weeks. Call Meek Mirrors today or visit our offices to talk about your construction needs and mirror installations.


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