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Do you have a professionals meeting coming up and don’t know how you will visualize your ideas? Then it would help if you had a marker board to help you out. They are great in classrooms and group seminars. Markerboards have a digital background and have transitioned people from the use of chalkboards and whiteboards.

Many companies deal with marker boards, and Meek mirrors Fort Smith is one such company with renowned expertise. They are committed to ensuring that you get the best and pass your ideas conveniently. Their fantastic glass marker boards will save you from the chocking chalk dust boards.

The most exciting part of using glass marker boards is that you can have them custom-made to suit your taste and preference. This means the back can be made of a particular color and doesn’t have to be white alone. Using a magnetic glass board will help organize your projects and organize papers. This boosts the functionality of wall space and marker boards.

What are the benefits of glass marker boards?

There are several benefits associated with the use of these boards and they include the following:

  1. Lowered risk of respiratory diseases

The use of chalkboards has exposed people to the risks of respiratory diseases due to the dust from the chalks. This happens due to its constant inhalation. Glass markerboards will avert this as you will not use chalks but pens on them. These pens are made from environmentally friendly materials.

  1. Easy to clean

Ease of cleaning is another benefit of using glass marker boards. Whiteboards, which don’t eliminate ink and pen stains can be scratched easily. However, the case is different for glass marker boards. They don’t absorb ink, and you can wipe it with a cloth and continue writing like you are on a new page.

  1. Beautiful designs

You will love the general appearance of glass marker boards from Meek Mirrors. They are modern and stylish, giving you a writing space with an aesthetic value. Your trainees will stay glued to the board thanks to its design.

  1. Flexibility

Another incredible feature of these glass marker boards is that they are either framed or unframed. You can mount framed ones on a wall, fix them permanently or move them anytime you wish. The unframed ones have stands offs, and therefore you can also move around with them.

  1. Durability

These glass marker boards are durable, and you have the option of magnetizing them with a steel back. Once you make your order, the marker board will come with some accessories, including magnets, and a magnetic eraser. This saves you the cost of purchasing them separately.

What are the applications of glass marker boards?

Glass marker boards can match any office and its option of color. When putting them in big-sized frames, you can use them in any room. Here are some of the places you can use the glass marker boards:

  • Sports facilities
  • Centers of hospitality
  • Meeting rooms
  • Common areas
  • Cass rooms
  • Conference rooms

Is there a warranty for the products?

We all know how delicate glass is, and that’s why most companies that deal with it give a warranty. Meek Mirrors are also not ignorant of this. You will enjoy a one-year warranty once you purchase your glass marker board. The one year is counted from the day of purchase, and the warrant is for defects that might have come up during the manufacturing process.

Bottom line

Glass marker boards are available in different colors and will suit your taste regardless of the area. They boast high durability and are safe to use. Meek Mirrors Fort Smith is experienced in making high-quality glass marker boards. The boards will be customized according to your style, size, and type. You can contact them to get a quotation where you can be assured of affordability and value for your money.


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