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Meek Mirror’s glass marker boards are the perfect working area to install in your office space. They can be installed in offices, meeting rooms, partitions, and corporate breakdowns. They have several applications in the educational, healthcare, hospitality, and corporate world. Meek Mirrors designs custom glass marker boards that can last several years.

Special features:

  • Framed Or Unframed With Standoffs
  • come in a wide range of colors
  • robust ¼ or thicker material
  • unmagnetized or magnetized designs with steel back options
  • comes with a range of accessories including an eraser, marker holders, and magnets
  • compatible with dry erase and permanent markers

Perfect for Office Spaces

The glass marker boards are easy to use and are the perfect canvas for brainstorming, scheduling, board meetings, budgeting, and task tracking. These sleek glass boards will inspire creativity and innovation in anyone using them to accomplish a task. The stylish simple designs encourage creative thinking and the generation of smart solutions to the most pressing issues.

The marker boards are made of durable, tempered safety glass that is easy to install and use. They are sturdy mirrors that can withstand the elements in open halls and conference rooms. They add a professional look to any workspace.

Ideal Surface for Scribbling Notes

The non-absorbent and clear glass surface lets you write and erase with ease. The surface remains relatively clean after erasing allowing you to rewrite several times before cleaning. The glass boards do not stain or ghosts and allow clear viewing without streaking.

The innovative glass marker boards save you the inconvenience of putting up projector screens every time you have a meeting. The glass board acts as a projection screen improving the clarity of the image. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of office spaces and conference rooms with its sleek, fresh design.

Doubles up as Office Décor

With the glass marker boards, you can customize your office space to suit your unique needs. The marker boards come with marker accessories, magnetizations, and multiple framing options. And with so many color options, you can choose a color range that perfectly blends with your interior design. We have all sizes from large glasses for conference rooms to small sizes for office cubicles.

We have several standard colors and many custom colors. We also have three different mounting options.  The magnetic surface allows users to tack notes and clips to enhance the collaborative and brainstorming experience. These glass marker boards are ideal for any office space where design and functionality are equally appreciated.

Meek Mirrors glass marker boards are made to order with custom sizing. Call us today to discuss how you can upgrade your office space and improve the functionality of meeting rooms.


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