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Hanging a mirror in the entryway is a classic decorating touch. First off, it’s very practical – the mirror allows you to check your appearance before leaving the house. Meek’s Infinity Mirror is perfect for residential and commercial projects. With its sleek handcrafted stainless-steel frame, it’s minimal with a classic modern contemporary design. Second, a mirror is a good way to visually expand what might be a small space. With our custom capabilities, we can create just about anything you need to complete your project. Last, you can use a mirror to promote a décor style, thus creating a great first impression that guests will keep throughout the house.  Meek offers a contemporary wide-faced mirror, with non-visible mounting this mirror is a great piece to add to your home.

To find a good place for your mirror, stand near any walls that comprise your foyer, or room and try to visualize what the mirror will reflect. Look for architectural items such as a stairway, windows, or arched entrances. That said, you don’t want the mirror to reflect a private space, such as a bathroom or bedroom. You can also place the mirror so that it reflects something that’s right in front of it. For example, you could place a plant or statue directly in front of the mirror, which will add to the texture and depth that the item already creates in your space. You can also place a large mirror behind a table, which will help increase the visual space of your entryway.

Your project has its own special challenges and your own vision. Standard sizes don’t work in every application. Not all models work in every design. Meek is uniquely able to provide mirrors framed or unframed meeting your specification including frame specifications, lighted mirrors, lighted shelves, theft-proof mountings, and many different reflective surfaces. Meek’s experienced team is here to assist you throughout your project.

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