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Spruce up your home or business with sleek new fixtures and mirrors from Meek Mirrors. Order anything from laser etched glass to shelves to elegant custom-made mirrors and glass marker boards. All items are handmade and of the highest quality.


Meek Mirrors has a vast collection of elegant mirror designs that will add flair to any indoor space. These mirrors can be used above a sink or counter to give it a refreshing makeover. The features include:

  • hand-welded and polished corners
  • theft-resistant concealed mounting
  • stainless steel frames
  • a bright or satin finish

The designs include fixed-tilt mirrors, frameless mirrors, stainless steel mirrors, channel framed mirrors, LED lighted mirrors, and wood framed mirrors. The mirrors are robust and easy to install. The theft-resistant mounting and steel frames make them excellent for use in vandalism prone areas such as stadiums and schools.

Mirrors for Every Application

Our mirrors are available in several glazing options, so you have plenty of choices depending on your project.

Plate Glass Mirrors: this is a standard mirror made of glass with a silver coating at the back. It produces the best reflection and is most suited to projects where aesthetics is the most important consideration.

Laminated Mirror: laminated mirrors are made of two pieces of glass, one of which has a coating. A vinyl layer is sandwiched in between so that they hold together when shattered

Acrylic Mirrors: this is a plastic mirror that is lighter but more robust than a standard glass mirror. It is susceptible to scratching and should be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Aluminum Mirror: it has a reflective aluminum surface on the front and an aluminum matte finish at the back. It is tough to break.

Tape Backed Mirror: this a standard plate glass mirror backed with a cat II tape as a safety precaution.

Tempered Mirror: this a mirror manufactured in a way that it shatters into small pieces when broken.

Polycarbonate Mirror: a plastic mirror that is very light but is virtually unbreakable. It is excellent for use as décor due to its superior optical clarity.

 Laser Etched Glass Mirror

The laser etched glass mirror does not fade even in the harshest locations. It can be side or back lit to accentuate its exotic design and improve ambience. It is excellent for use indoors and outdoors.


Meek Mirrors makes elegant stainless steel shelves that are ideal for placing files, documents and accessories. The shelves come in the three designs of integral, skyline, and hemmed skyline. They are available in standard and custom widths.

Glass Marker Boards

Glass marker boards are great for scribbling notes during brainstorming sessions. They can be used in offices, educational institutions, partitions, meeting rooms, patient rooms, and hospitality facilities. Meek Mirrors can customize your board with your preferred color, magnetization, accessories, and framing options.

Specialty Products

Corner Guards: stainless steel corner guards protect the corners of your walls and pillars from damage. They enhance the safety and security of your facilities.

Kick Plates & Push Plates: these are stainless steel door reinforcements that protect doors in high traffic areas from wear and tear.

Stainless Steel Countertops: these robust countertops add elegance and functionality to both residential and commercial kitchens.

Stainless Steel Grab Bars: these robust grab bars come with snap flanges and meet building code requirements for barrier free designs.

Meek Mirrors’ mirrors and fixtures are used in all types of construction projects, from residential to commercial structures. We are proud to have our products featured in some of the nation’s most iconic buildings and institutions. You can order custom sizes for your project. Contact us to discuss your project needs.

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