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Meek Mirrors is a reputable industry leader in designing and crafting top-of-the-line mirror varieties. One of our most prominent products is the wood-framed mirror known for its authenticity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Contact us to order our high-quality wood-framed mirror to install in your commercial space.

Features of the Wood-Framed Mirror

Here are some of the attributes that give our wood-framed mirror character and its intensely satisfying and functional appeal.

  1. High-Quality Wood Molding. We use top-quality wood molding from Larson Juhl. Larson Juhl is an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing timeless custom picture frames. We source beautifully handcrafted wood moldings from Larson Juhl to integrate with our high-quality handcrafted mirrors from Meek Mirrors. The result is an elegant wood-framed mirror exuding class and luxury.
  2. Secure Mounting. Our wood-framed mirror comes with an expertly designed concealed mount security cleat system from Meek Mirrors. Rest assured, our security measure provides a reasonable level of protection for your wood-framed mirror.

Benefits of Purchasing Our Wood-Framed Mirror

  1. Multiple Molding Choices

Larson Juhl manufactures multiple moldings on order. With over 200 mirror moldings to choose from, you purchase your most preferred wood-framed mirror.

  1. Mirror Options

Meek Mirrors designs and manufactures different mirror categories that match different needs. You can choose your wood-framed mirror from the available options, including:

  • Plate glass mirror
  • Laminated mirror
  • Acrylic mirror
  • Aluminum mirror
  • Category II tape-backed mirror
  • Tempered mirror
  • Polycarbonate mirror
  • Stainless steel mirror.

We can handcraft your wood-framed mirror depending on the exact mirror glazing type you want to match your unique needs.

  1. Highest-Quality Materials

Our engineers at Meek Mirrors handcraft wood-framed mirrors using expertly-sourced high-quality materials to ensure a top-notch finish. The result is an elegant fusion of high-quality mirrors and exotic wood moldings from Larson Juhl.

Wood-Framed Mirror Applications

Our wood-framed mirrors are perfect for commercial installations. Some of the places you can install the wood-framed mirror include:

  • Restaurants. You can hang the wood-framed mirror in your restaurant bathrooms, reception, or dining room to give your food establishment a high-end vibe and sophisticated feeling.
  • Office buildings. Whether on hallways, at the reception, or in individual offices, the wood-framed mirror provides an element of functionality, increases internal lighting, thus being energy-efficent, and can complement your office decor.
  • Hotels. Like restaurants, installing our wood-framed mirror in your hotel gives your space an aesthetic boost and functionality.
  • Apartments. Give your apartments a competitive edge by hanging up our wood-framed mirror.

Regardless of your commercial setting, the wood-framed mirror is the perfect way to attract clients’ attention while getting the basic functionality of a Meek Mirrors mirror installation.

Choose Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors is a reliable mirror manufacturer located and operating in Fort Smith, Arkansas. As a leading commercial mirror manufacturer, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

We design and supply custom-made mirrors to meet your business’ unique needs. Our mirror experts in Fort Smith, Arkansas, are well trained and skilled in designing and handcrafting mirrors to our clients’ precise specifications.

Ready to install high-quality wood-framed mirrors from Meek Mirrors? Contact us to learn more or order custom-made wood-framed mirrors for your business space.


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