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Are you looking for custom mirrors for your property? At Meek Mirrors, we specialize in designing and handcrafting custom mirrors for our clients, regardless of their industry. We custom craft mirrors for residential, industrial, institutional, and commercial properties. Below are the different types of commercial industries that we serve can enjoy the benefits of our handcrafted mirrors.

We design custom mirrors for a wide selection of industries, including:

  • Hospitality. We provide high-quality mirror designs for different hotels, restaurants, and accommodation properties. Whether it is in the restrooms or lounge areas, our mirrors help to improve interior décor for such spaces
  • Custom residential and university housing. Are you looking for custom mirrors for your master bathroom? We also design mirrors for housing, regardless of where you intend them to be.
  • Medical facilities and behavioral health centers. Hospitals and clinics need safety mirrors. Typical areas for mirror installation in such properties include bathrooms
  • National shopping malls. Whether it is in the clothing sections or mall bathrooms, we can custom design mirrors to match the specifications
  • Stadiums and sports arenas. Restrooms and changing rooms in sports centers require mirrors for hygienic purposes. Regardless of the sizes, we can handcraft mirrors for such spaces
  • National fuel centers, for example, in their bathrooms and any applicable spaces
  • National retail and grocery store chains. Just like shopping malls, store chains also need mirrors for aesthetic purposes and functionality
  • Retirement centers
  • Architectural specialties.

If you operate a commercial property and would like to customize your mirrors, we can personalize them with beautiful colors that match your brand or brand logo. We craft mirrors for bathrooms, lounges, corridors, receptions, and any desired space.


Meek Mirrors has partnered with plenty of clients across different industries to craft high-quality mirrors. Since 1961, our products have been used in several popular buildings and homes across the US. In addition, we have an endless portfolio of past projects that you can peak and seek inspiration from.

One of our major clients is Vivex, a world-renowned drug company, where we installed high-quality framed mirrors customized to match their logo’s unique black and green color. Another high-profile client we served is One Vanderbilt Tower, located in Manhattan, where we installed full-sized LED lighted mirrors with beautiful internal lighting strips.

Our expertise is common in many of the commercial properties you may have walked into. Contact Meek Mirrors to order mirrors for your property, regardless of your sector. With decades of experience, we have served all kinds of clients and still provide services to high-profile residential and commercial properties across the country.

Where to Install Commercial Mirrors

Meek Mirrors manufactures its products for both residential and commercial clients alike. Regardless of your industry, if you would like your clients and employees to benefit fully from your mirror choices, consider the issue of height and positioning, especially for mirrors in restrooms or changing rooms.

We can custom design mirror sizes to match your required (or standard) specifications. The Americans with Disability Act provides guidelines for mirror mounting heights regardless of your industry.

Contact Meek Mirrors to speak with a mirror specialist or order our handcrafted products for your property, whether for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes.


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