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Installing handcrafted mirrors at your home or business establishment can add life to any room. Steel floating frames give the mirrors a contemporary elegant look for hotels, apartments and stores. Businesses in a transformation period due to economic uncertainty should consider these products made by Meek Mirrors for fresh ambiance and utility in bathrooms, kitchens, offices and lobbies.

How Hotels are Renovating During the Pandemic

Many hotels across the nation have shut down or have seen occupancy levels decline along with the overall hospitality and travel industries. During this slow period, hotels have entered a renovation phase to allow for more spacial social distancing, along with new decor, such as mirrors. A wide variety of available mirror designs include adjustable tilt, fixed tilt, framed and frameless aka “floating framed.”

One of the key changes has been expansion of restrooms that facilitate large mirrors extending across dual sinks. Large mirrors communicate a sense of openness, which is why they work well in lobbies and other settings as well. High quality handcrafted mirrors look unique and classy as they naturally attract attention. Metals that look stunning as mirror frames include aluminum and stainless steel. Wood frames can also command an attractive appearance.

Another dimension to current hotel renovation is a move toward sustainability in terms of going “more” green, cutting waste and maximizing production. These actions communicate social responsibility to the market, which was growing in importance even prior to the pandemic. Since hotels are financially challenged, they need to become more cost efficient. Going “more” green also creates a healthier environment, which means less sick days and better business continuity.

Meek Mirrors has committed to developing eco-friendly solutions such as integrating mirrors with energy-efficient LED lighting systems. These lights go well with slide-lit or backlit LED mirrors. The company also manufactures sneeze guards, which are partitions made of glass or plastic. This type of divider is needed at hotels and other public places as a form of social distancing, especially at customer service desks.

Frameless Floating Mirror

When an Infinity floating framed mirror is mounted to a wall it seamlessly blends with the wall. Meek’s patented mounting is concealed, making it too difficult for thieves to penetrate. Not only is the Infinity floating framed mirror attractive and secure, it’s a customizable solution. The 22 gauge mirrors are made with 1/4 inch plate glass or tempered mirror and a 22 gauge 304 stainless steel box. The size of the box, as well as the frame depth, can be customized.


For more information on custom mirror solutions or residential, commercial, or industrial locations, contact us at Meek Mirrors and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We’ve installed over two million handcrafted mirrors for six decades in homes and buildings and are committed to quality solutions.

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