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Meek Mirrors laser etched glass and mirrors are the perfect embellishment for offices, bathrooms, and other interior spaces. However, it is a hardy material that does not fade even in harsh and tough exterior Locations. This quality makes it excellent for use in both interior and exterior applications.

Superior Design

The laser-etched glass and mirrors are a superior work of craftmanship that does not feature inks, industrial chemicals, or harmful resins. It is designed by utilizing cutting-edge laser technology. A clean laser light melts the glass along the marked areas producing the exact pattern.

Plenty of Design Options

There is no limit to the design possibilities that can be etched on the glass. Whether you like glass with intricate patterns or exotic flowers and animals etched on its surface, you can get these designs and much more from Meek Mirrors. You can also request a mirror or glass with your spouse or favorite celebrity etched on the surface.

The elegantly cut mirrors and glasses will blend with any type of furniture and create an exotic ambiance that brightens and harmonizes interior spaces. The laser etched mirrors and glasses are a versatile material that can be used to embellish entryways, hallways, and restrooms in large facilities. The glass or mirror can also be side or back-lit to accentuate the intricate design.

Great for Interior Design

Laser etched glass and mirrors instantly stand out among other items used for interior design. It is the perfect mirror to install in exquisite office spaces and deluxe hotel rooms. It adds elegance and glamor to the space, making it fitting for senior executives and high-end customers.

It is an exquisite décor that gives your interior space a sophisticated and sleek appearance while expressing your personal style and taste. When lighting is added, it complements and enhances the overall design theme.

It can also act as a functional lighting element in interior spaces. The result is a spectacular focal point that oozes aesthetic appeal and artistic expression and becomes the center of attraction in interior spaces.

Easy to Install

Laser etched glass and mirrors are easy and do not require professional skills. You only need to ensure the glass is cut to size and attach it to the designated space. Meek mirrors supplies customized sizes. You can measure the length and width of the area you want to install and send us the details.

Easy to Clean

1. The best and safest cleaner for a mirror is clean, warm water used with a soft, lint-free cloth. Be careful to not allow the edges of the mirror to become or remain wet over a period of time.

2. Never spray any cleaner directly onto the mirror. Instead, apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and then wipe the mirror. This will also prevent “puddling” at the mirror edge where the cleaner could attack the backing.

3. If that does not work, use a commercial cleaner that does not contain ammonia, vinegar, acid or alkali (Sprayway cleaner works best). All of these can attack the front surface edges and backing of the mirror resulting in black edge.

4. Do not use acid or alkali cleaners for the mirror after installation. They can attack both the surface and the edges of the mirror. And NEVER use an abrasive cleaner on any mirror surface.

5. Remove any surface marks or stubborn dirt with 0000 oil-free steel wool, not solvents. Solvents attack and damage edges and backing.

6. Always use soft, grit-free cloths when cleaning a mirror to reduce the chances of scratching the surface.

7. Be sure to dry all joints and edges thoroughly to be certain that no commercial cleaner comes in contact with the edge and backing.


About Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors is a veteran-owned small business based in Fort Smith, Arizona. The company prides itself on being an American manufacturer that sources materials from local enterprises.  Meek Mirrors delivers high-quality mirrors and fixtures to customers from all over the US.

Meek Mirrors is committed to helping clients achieve their vision of embellishing and adding functionality to their facilities. We provide innovative designs and superior products of the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our products are available in custom sizes and designs and are sure to enhance your interior and exterior spaces.

Whether you are a homeowner we can deliver elegant laser etched glass and mirrors that will serve you for many years. We customize our products to suit your project and can fulfill both small and bulk orders. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to fruition.


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