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Do you want to enhance your wall and space with a highly functional and aesthetically-enhancing mirror? The LED lighted mirror from Meek Mirrors is the perfect mirror installation to enhance your space. Learn more about the amazing features of the side-lit and backlit LED mirrors from Meek Mirrors.

What is the LED Lighted Mirror?

The LED lighted mirror is a contemporary and unique mirror design from Meek Mirrors. It is practical for precise make-up application or shaving. It also comes integrated with LED lighting that discreetly incorporates technology and extra functionality into your bathroom fitting. The LED-lighted mirror fits perfectly with any decor.

Features of the LED Lighted Mirror

Common and outstanding features of the LED lighted mirror include:

  1. ¼” Mirror with Polished Edges

 The LED lighted mirror is a finished product of high-quality, handcrafted, and hand-polished mirrors from Meek Mirrors. The ¼” mirror comes with polished edges to provide a more premium and appealing appearance.

  1. Stainless Steel

Meek Mirrors sources and uses the best materials for its product manufacturing, including high-quality stainless steel. The LED-lighted mirror features a stainless steel wall-mounted base and stainless steel hangers. The stainless steel build provides extra strength and durability, increasing the lifespan of the product.

  1. Energy-Efficient LED Lights

The mirrors feature energy-efficient LED lights that won’t strain your energy bills. These lights come in different lighting options including 3000k, 4000k, 5000k, and 6000k to suit different lighting needs.

In addition, the LED lighted mirror comes standard as hard-wired. However, Meek Mirrors can add a plug at your request and discretion.

Advantages of the LED Lighted Mirrors

Reasons to invest in a Meek Mirrors’ LED lighted mirror fixture include:

  • Easy Installation. The LED lights and driver are easily replaceable using the available plug-and-play system. The whole fixture also has easy mounting features, allowing for easy installation and replacement.
  • Design Options. The mirrors can come either backlit or side-lit, with different frosting options.
  • Custom Sizing. You can order the LED lighted mirror customized to your size preferences.
  • Strong and Durable. The stainless steel build provides extra security and protection from likely damage.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement. The LED lights provide a unique aesthetic feature that can enhance the appearance of virtually any room. As such, the LED-lighted mirror is a perfect complement for any commercial or residential restroom. You can also install it in corridors, reception areas, etc.

About Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors is an industry leader when it comes to designing and handcrafting top-of-the-line mirrors and related products. Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Meek Mirrors prides itself on high-quality locally-made products. We supply our products internationally, directly, or through our multiple licensed dealers.

We handcraft and hand polish our products to ensure product quality and worthy returns on your investments. More importantly, Meek Mirrors is focused on product quality and customer satisfaction.

Order from Meek Mirrors

The LED mirrors come in varying sizes and options. Meek Mirrors stocks LED mirrors to allow you options to choose from. Contact Meek Mirrors to request a custom-sized LED-lighted mirror today.

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