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At the very least, we are a reflection of quality. However, Meek Mirrors is more than a company obsessed with quality products and services. We are a community of experts who invest in home and business owners passionate about high-quality interiors. Are you looking for a reputable mirror manufacturer and supplier? We can deliver even more.

Our Background

From as early as 1961, we have been among the leading mirror manufacturers in the US. We are the original designers of the Theft Proof Snap Mirror Frame that filled a huge need in the construction market. For over 60 years, we have been the sole distributors of handcrafted mirrors and various other high-quality fixtures.

Our Titles

Meek Mirrors is famous for its comprehensive services and products. We have an expert team of technicians, each with a different skill set. Generally, we are a leading manufacturer of industry-grade mirrors, shelves, and other specialty products.

We are also an international seller and supplier. Besides custom manufacturing our products, we also supply our products to the global market. Since Meek Mirrors is centrally located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, our carriers deliver our products across the US, Canada, and internationally. You can also find our products in a few authorized dealer shops.

Our Products

Ideally, what we do and manufacture makes a large part of who we are. Meek Mirrors is famous for handcrafting high-quality mirrors for homes and places of businesses. We have manufactured theft-resistant and handcrafted mirrors since 1961.

We also handcraft custom-colored glass marker boards perfect for meeting rooms, partitions, offices, corporate breakdowns, and educational rooms. Meek Mirrors also manufactures stainless steel shelves and specialty products that include:

  • Corner guards
  • P-trap covers
  • Kick plates and push plates
  • Stainless steel counterparts
  • Stainless steel grab bars
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Sanitation station.

We custom-craft all our products to match our clients’ needs and specifications. Our experts frame custom mirrors and glass in a highly unique way. We use aluminum, steel, wood, and lighting to achieve your desired designs for your home or office.

Our Experts

Meek Mirrors comprises a team of highly skilled experts who come together to guarantee client satisfaction. Our team has expert designers who have designed thousands of mirrors and products based on client needs and demands. We are a team of brilliant engineers, sales experts, marketers, and administrators. Above all, we strive to make every client part of the ever-growing community.

Why We Are Special

Meek Mirrors is among the few mirror manufacturers who insist on handcrafting mirrors and products based on specific client demands. Rest assured, we will satisfy your needs with our customized products.

In addition, Meek Mirrors has been committed to product excellence for over five decades. This includes protecting our work environment and the general environment. As such, we use only recyclable raw materials when crafting our products. We also use raw materials manufactured only in the US.

At Meek Mirrors, we strive to be the best versions of ourselves daily. As such, we are always available to take comments and suggestions on how to improve our services and products to keep up with our clients’ evolving demands.


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