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Meek Mirrors is a well-renowned manufacturer of mirrors for the residential, commercial, and industrial architectural building. We use a wide selection of mirror glazing options to meet different needs and client specifications. Below are mirror glazing options we offer.

What is Mirror Glazing?

Glazing is the broader term that can be used to a pane of mirror glass. However, it is not usually the specific type of manufactured glass. Mirror glazing is ideally a mirror type, even though there are several options that sum up mirror glazing.

Mirror Glazing Options

We use several types of mirror glazing, including:

  • Laminated mirror. Laminated mirrors are designed with two glass pieces and a vinyl layer in between, helping to hold the glass intact when shattered. In addition, one of the glass pieces has a mirror coating.
  • Plate glass mirror. The plate glass mirror is an industry standard that is essentially regular glass. It has a back surface silver coating that stunningly creates images via reflections.
  • Tempered mirror. It is often distorted as a result of the production process. In addition, it alters the glass’ structure. This way, it breaks into tiny pieces instead of large jagged glass pieces.
  • Acrylic mirror. It is essentially a plastic lighter mirror that is also harder to break than a plate glass mirror. This mirror should be delicately cleaned with water and soft clothing since it is more susceptible to scratching.
  • Polycarbonate mirror. This is ideally a plastic mirror designed to be softer than acrylic mirrors. In addition, it is very lightweight and provides top-notch optical clarity. Polycarbonate mirror is virtually unbreakable.
  • Category II tape-backed mirror. This is a standard plate glass mirror backed with Category II tape, meaning it serves an equal purpose as the tempered mirror.
  • Aluminum mirror. The aluminum mirror is a green product, owing to its 100% recycled solid core. It has an aluminum reflective exterior space on its front. On its back, it has an aluminum matte finish. In addition, the aluminum mirror is designed to be unbreakable.
  • Stainless steel mirror. The stainless steel is buffed for an extremely reflective finish, almost mimicking a mirror. The stainless steel mirror is unbreakable.

Bottom Line

Meek Mirrors offers a wide range of mirror options for different client needs. Reach out to us to order your ideal mirror glazing option for your commercial or residential property.

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