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Meek Mirror Customization

Generally, when building a home, one of the most challenging decisions is whether to opt for a project builder or a custom builder. The same applies to mirrors or any other amenity you want to install. Not all mirror suppliers can confidently customize a mirror design and size for you. Therefore, having to choose between ready-made and customized mirrors is often one of the perks of shopping for mirrors from Meek Mirrors.

Meek Mirrors Custom Projects

Are you looking for a custom mirror project? Look no further. Meek Mirrors has a long-standing reputation as an expert in handcrafting and customizing projects for different companies.

Meek Mirrors has collaborated with companies and brands countrywide to provide customized finishing touches for their industrial, commercial, and residential needs. One of the most popular custom projects was for Vivex, where Meek Mirrors diligently customized frame mirrors to match their black and green logo colors.

You can get custom-made LED mirrors with energy-efficient LED lights. There are different designs and functionalities to pick from when custom ordering from Meek Mirrors. These products are designed to suit a client’s specifications.

How Does Customization Work?

Meek Mirrors understands the need for businesses and individuals to have unique facilities and amenities. Part of the reason for customizing such kinds of facilities is for external parties to identify with their brand. Meek Mirrors’ custom products are designed to meet clients’ specific needs, installation, or special applications.

Once you reach out to Meek Mirrors, you will have an option to pick ready-made products or have them customized to your specifications. Some of the options for customization include:

  • Type of frame/mirror
  • Size and measurements
  • functionality
  • Design, among others.

Once you know what you want and how you want it done, Meek Mirrors handcrafts your products to your exact specifications.

Benefits of Customized Projects

  • It may be budget-friendly. Having a customized project means getting to decide what works for you and what does not. This also means you can choose designs, materials, or different specifications that meet your budget needs. Meek Mirrors provides cost-effective solutions for your custom projects, giving you options when planning and budgeting.
  • You may achieve the desired effect. Customizing any item is often linked with the desire to pass across a message or a different intention. Meek Mirrors listens to what you want and the desired effect you intend.
  • Meek Mirrors welcomes custom projects. Not many suppliers can provide customized services. However, the team of engineers and experts at Meek Mirrors believe in giving clients what they want. Whether commercial, industrial, or residential projects, Meek Mirrors handcrafts its products to meet your standards and expectations.

Why Meek Mirrors?

There is no customization project too big or small for Meek Mirrors. Meek Mirrors produces high-quality products that are handcrafted with care and are ready to be installed. The company accepts custom orders for all clients regardless of the magnitude of the project. Aside from mirrors, Meek Mirrors also handcrafts different products to suit different needs, for example, grab bars.

Browse their catalog and reach out to them privately to discuss the possibility of custom projects. Rest assured, you will get 100% handcrafted and customized products for your needs.

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