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Meet the Meek Mirrors Team!

Team Meek!

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Harry Don Marley
CEO - President

Owner of Meek Mirrors since 1961.

Striving to always give you A Reflection of Quality!

Clint Martin
Plant Manager

Ext. 25

If there is anyone who knows our product best, it would be Clint. Being at Meek for over 30 years now he's an expert designer with new innovated ideas all the time. He and his crew of always work hard to satisfy our customer needs & demands. Have an idea? Shoot him an email and send your specifications over he might just be able to make your dreams come true.

His favorite color is blue & he enjoys listening to the Beatles. Stick any Italian dish in front of him and he'll never turn it down! In his spare time, he enjoys making music, check out our installation videos and you'll hear some of his groovy beats!

Erica Pitts
Director of Sales & Marketing

Ext. 31

Erica has been with Meek well over 15 years, she manages and develops marketing programs and materials such as advertising, event support and online promotions. When's she not working you can probably find her on a softball field!

Her favorite color is green & she enjoys listening to classic rock. Stick a slice of pizza in front of her and she won't turn you down, it's her favorite! In her spare time you'll find Erica watching her favorite NFL team the Denver Broncos, or The Walking Dead.  She's also a bookworm she enjoys reading anything and everything.

Christie Siganos
Sales - Shipping Specialist

Ext. 29

Christie maintains and expands relationships with Meek's customers. Christie is responsible for customer service and shipping and freight. When she's not working, you can find Christie out and about running errands, enjoying sunny days!

Her favorite color is purple & she enjoys listening to Christian & Classic Rock. There is no favorite food for Christie, because she's a "foodie" & she's willing to try everything. In her spare time, Christie enjoys cleaning house & working outdoors (it's her therapy) and spending time with her granddaughter.

Barbie Hodges
Accounting Manager

Ext. 23

As the accounting manager, Barbie establishes financial controls by developing and implementing systems for collecting, analyzing, verifying, and reporting financial information.

Her favorite color is red & she enjoys listening to Gospel music. If you put an Italian dish in front of her she surely won't turn it down. In her spare time, Barbie enjoys spending quality time with her family, and taking her bright red jeep for a ride.

Margie Flanagan
Sales Specialist

Ext. 22

As the sales specialist Margie, maintains and interacts primarily utilizing the phone and other forms of electronic communication to a broad scope of new and existing customers within the graphic and textile print markets to increase sales of products and/or service.

Her favorite color is purple & she enjoys listening to Classic Rock n' Roll. Her favorite food is Mexican. When Margie is not working you'll probably find her in her boat fishing on the lake. Or having fun with her wonderful grandchildren.