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A P-trap cover is a pre-molded fitting cover designed to hide all piping and faucet components to create neat and professional work. A p-trap that is exposed in a parking garage and different parts of a property can be in a highly visible area.

Where can you find the best p-trap covers?

Meek Mirrors P-trap Covers

Meek Mirrors is a leading manufacturer of high-quality p-trap covers. All p-trap covers are made to order and double-checked to ensure that they meet Meek Mirrors’ quality standards.

Do you have specific measurements in mind? P-trap covers from Meek Mirrors can be custom manufactured to your exact specifications. Meek Mirrors handcrafts all its products using the highest quality materials and a team of qualified experts.

Benefits of Meek Mirrors P-trap Covers

  • Rigid, high-impact, stainless steel

The p-trap covers from Meek Mirrors are made from impact-resistant, stainless steel for safety, durability, and long life. These units can also be powered coated to match the restroom decor.

  • Strict Code Compliance to Minimize Risk

Meek Mirrors p-trap covers can be made for ADA compliance.

  • Protective Designs

Meek Mirrors p-trap covers feature durable, heavy-duty stainless steel enclosures that conceal the p-trap effectively. When installed, the plumbing is concealed and protected.

  • Easy One Piece Installation

You can install the covers yourself or hire a plumber for the installation.

  • Improve Aesthetic

Meek Mirrors manufactures its products using top-of-the-line materials. When installed to your plumbing fixtures, p-trap covers improve the appearance of your plumbing fixtures. The p-trap covers are also customizable, meaning you can request specific finishings from Meek Mirrors to match your needs and specifications.

Ptrap Covers from Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors Products

For quality, handcrafted p-trap covers, Meek Mirrors is your go-to manufacturer. Meek Mirrors designs, handcrafts, and manufactures high-quality p-trap covers using the best materials from reputable sources. Most importantly, Meek Mirrors custom manufactures all its products according to client needs and specifications.

Contact Meek Mirrors to get a custom quote or to place an order. 


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