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Powder coating is a reliable, safe, dry finishing process that utilizes finely ground pigment and resin particles to form a protective finish. At Meek Mirrors, we choose to powder coat our mirror frames since it has low flammability and it’s low toxicity. Read below for further information on the option of powder coating our mirror frames here at Meek Mirrors in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

How Does Powder Coating Function?

The finely ground resin and pigment particles are charged with static electricity to create magnetic attraction. The coating is then melted evenly and cooled into a thin, durable film.

Benefits of Our Powder Coated Mirror Frames

Below are the reasons we powder coat our mirror frames:


Unlike other coating options, powder coating adds to the frame’s durability, assisting it in lasting longer and withstanding damages better.

Corrosion Resistance

Humidity and moisture can cause metal frames to rust. Powder coating provides a protective barrier to help hinder corrosion of the metal frames.

Low to No Maintenance

Powder-coated frames require little to no maintenance due to the coating’s durability and impressive resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Long-Lasting Colors and Finish

Powder coating offers a sturdy finish tougher than conventional paint. As such, colors stay brighter and more vibrant, unlike other finishing methods.

Ecologically Safe

Powder coating has little to no impact on the environment. The process requires no harmful solvents and doesn’t emit fumes/ vapors like paint does.

Superior Color Retention

Powder coating offers superior color retention. Extended exposure to sunlight, moisture, and heat break down the resins found in wet paint faster than in powder coating.

Less Of a Health Hazard

Besides being more durable than liquid paint, powder coating is safe to store and apply. Powder coating is less flammable than wet paint. Unlike wet paint, powder coating doesn’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a major source of industrial pollution.

Product Warranty

We are confident in our engineer powder-coated frames. As such, we offer a 1 year warranty against defects in workmanship on our product in case of customer dissatisfaction.

Choose Powder Coating for Your Mirror Finishing

Powder-coated mirror frames are strong and more durable than other finishing methods. In addition, the frames provide extra protection for our expertly designed, sturdy mirrors. Powder coating keeps your mirrors safe from the effects of harsh weather.

Our mirror experts in Fort Smith, Arkansas, can advise you on the best mirror finishing options. However, powder-coated frames are just as likely to be an excellent investment as other finish options. Contact Meek Mirrors in Fort Smith, Arkansas, to learn more about our powder-coated frames.

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