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Snap Framed Stainless Mirror

M5300 Snap Framed Mirror
M1210 Angle Frame Mirror

Snap Framed Stainless Mirror

All models are made from type 304, 18 gauge stainless steel. No. 8 architectural-grade mirror finish. Protected during shipment with a PVC covering. A right angle formed mirror features welded and polished corners 3/4 reinforced pressed board backing the mirror snaps to a lock-forming galvanized steel backplate.

Security Stainless Steel Mirror Spec Sheet


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This security mirror combines with the Meek M1100 Angle Snap Frame and the M5200 Flat Stainless Steel Mirror. This unit provides an attractive, theft-resistant, framed, unbreakable mirror which can easily be replaced in the field. Maximum size is 46″ x 96″. Meek stainless steel mirrors are widely used in prisons, mental institutions, and rest stop areas.  They are non-breakable reflective surfaces for areas with a high risk of vandalism.

  • Right angle formed mirror features hand-polished corners
  • 3/4 reinforced pressed board backing
  • The mirror snaps to a lock-forming galvanized steel backplate which mounts to the wall through pre-drilled holes in support areas
  • Bright Finish M5300-Satin Finish M5310


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Glass, Satin, Stainless Steel

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Rectangle, Square


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