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Meek Mirrors is a leading innovator and supplier of high-quality commercial mirrors designed for maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal. We manufacture commercial mirrors for multiple facility types, from residential housing to health and education institutions. Below is a guide on commercial mirror types available from Meek Mirrors. 

  1. Channel Framed Mirrors

Meek Mirrors’ channel framed mirror is an economical mirror option that is easy to install in any industrial or commercial space. It comes in a bright or satin finish and is available in standard sizes and all 8 mirror glazing options.

Its theft-resistant concealed mounting feature makes it ideal for high-vandalism areas and commercial restrooms. Our channel-framed mirrors have been installed in select Wendy’s Restaurant restrooms. Other reputable installations of the channel-framed mirrors include:

  • Woodspring Suites
  • Target retail restrooms
  • Planet Fitness gym restrooms
  • Indianapolis International Airport restrooms
  • Loves Travel Center.
  1. LED Mirrors

Meek Mirrors manufactures rectangular, and round LED lighted mirrors perfect for increasing your commercial space’s aesthetic appeal. Our LED mirrors are either side-lit or backlit, with different frosting options.

Meek Mirrors uses energy-efficient LED lights with different lighting options, including 3000k, 4000k, 5000k, and 6000k. You can order Meek Mirrors’ LED mirrors in custom sizes to match your size specification and complement your commercial restroom perfectly.

Our LED mirrors have been installed in select Walmart restrooms and multiple other retail stores. Other installations include:

  • Top Golf restrooms
  • Century Plaza Luxury Condos in Los Angeles
  • One Vanderbilt in New York City.
  1. Angle Framed Mirror

As the first original patent Meek Mirrors product, our angle “snap” framed mirror has been installed in multiple commercial spaces across the country. It is handmade with the best stainless steel material, making it a strong and durable investment for your commercial space.

The angle “snap” framed mirror has a theft-resistant concealed mounting, making it perfect for high-vandalism and theft-prone areas, such as commercial restrooms. You can order the angle-framed mirror in either a bright or satin finish. The frames can also be powder-coated. We’ve installed powder-coated angle-framed mirrors in Vivex’s office restrooms. Other angle-framed installations include:

  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Pilot/ Flying J Centers restrooms
  • H-E-B Supermarket Company
  • Kwik Trip Convenience Stores restrooms
  1. Frameless Mirrors

Designed for high-end spaces and aesthetic appeal, Meek Mirrors’ frameless are aesthetically pleasing to any commercial or residential space. The mirrors feature crisp edges and no frames, allowing for edge-to-edge reflection and full-width visibility.

Despite its uncompromising aesthetic appeal, the frameless mirrors are among the top economical mirror choices from Meek Mirrors, making them the perfect investment for your commercial restroom and spaces.

Meek Mirrors’ frameless mirrors are particularly perfect for gyms, dorms, motels, retail, housing projects, hotels, and residential housing. As such, you can expect to find the frameless mirrors installed in multiple projects, including:

  • West Village Apartments in Oklahoma City
  • Fenway Center Towers in Boston, MA
  • Massage Envy (beveled frameless mirrors)
  • Waterwalk Hotels.
  1. Infinity Floating Mirrors

The Infinity floating mirror adds a touch of elegance to any space. It features a theft-resistant concealed mounting, making it a safe installation for commercial spaces. Meek Mirrors’ infinity floating mirrors have been installed in:

  • University of Arkansas’ Adohi Hall
  • Pier 4 residential condos in Boston, MA.
  1. Wood Framed Mirrors

Wood-framed mirrors from Meek Mirrors feature high-quality wood molding from Larson Juhl. The mirror is often installed with Meek Mirrors’ concealed mount security clear system, making the mirror ideal for apartments, hotels, restaurants, etc. Meek Mirrors’ wood-framed mirrors have been installed in Atria Senior Living, among other reputable commercial facilities.

Order your commercial mirrors from Meek Mirrors today for top-quality products designed for safety, security, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.

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