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Meek Mirrors is an American-based designer, manufacturer, and supplier of superior, handcrafted, industry-approved mirrors. Located in Fort Smith, AR, the company is a reflection of quality when it comes to meeting customer demands since 1961.


Meek Mirrors engages client demands and needs to design the best-handcrafted mirrors. The company is involved in the manufacturing, sales, and supply of customized mirrors to different client types. Most importantly, Meek Mirrors has a friendly staff that serves its clients’ needs at any moment available.


Meek Mirrors has over five decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying handcrafted products. The company has manufactured products that have been used in residential and commercial properties nationwide.

The company sources all its products from the American market, hand welds, hand polishes, and hand finishes to be sold globally.

Meek Mirrors partners with many architects, designers, and distributors to provide the best products for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Quality and Versatility

Meek Mirrors ensures top-notch mirrors are manufactured to exceed expectations. The company experts have manufactured theft-resistant, handcrafted, stainless steel products for over 50 years. It also uses the highest quality materials in all the manufactured products.

Product quality also means receiving your custom orders as well as expected. Meek Mirrors prides itself in designing client-specific mirrors. The materials and products are high-quality and are made to last long and function optimally.

Meek Mirrors also has versatile options when it comes to mirror options. Clients can choose from a wide assortment of products or customize their orders to match their specifications.

What Makes Meek Mirrors Stand Out?

Meek Mirrors is committed to excellence, such as protecting the work environment and the exterior environment. The company is committed to finding sustainable solutions that favor the environment.

The company recently switched all of their lighting to LED energy-efficient fixtures to minimize electric demand by 20%.

With tech advancement, Meek Mirrors strives to improve products and minimize energy usage without compromising quality. The company is reducing its footprint but maintaining the quality typical with all handcrafted Meek Mirrors.


Meek Mirrors is led by a team of experts who are all professionals in their respective sectors. The company hires the best individuals with years of experience and skills in their respective fields.

The veteran-owned company has a CEO/president, plant manager, director of sales & marketing, accounting manager, and a sales and shipping specialist. This is purely the top management that runs the company in the best way possible.

All Meek Mirrors experts have been trained to provide different services that will ensure customer satisfaction when combined.

Meek Mirrors designs mirror products that are guaranteed to last against spoilage for 15 years. Their manufactured products have been used in over two million locations worldwide and continue to be used, even in high-end properties!


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