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Residential Mirrors

Mirrors aren't just for the bathroom! Our customers use Meek mirrors in their bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, equine buildings & even their garages!

Recommended Mirrors

Framed Mirror | Contemporary

Contemporary Mirrors

Take a look at our most elegant design yet, this contemporary mirror sure raises the bar in style. We are proud of our handcrafted design that is unique to Meek. If you are looking for the perfect bedroom mirror this contemporary beauty is for you!

Tilt Mirror Installation | Meek Mirrors | Arkansas 72903

Kitchen Mirrors

Meek is proud of our handcrafted demonstration mirror, it is perfect for any project application you may have. It fits perfectly in any kitchen setting as well. Looking for something more custom to you? Then request your quote today and get your custom mirror order in now.

Lighted Mirrors

Browse our selection of elegant LED Lighted mirrors. These mirrors will bring a touch of class to any room you put them in. Don’t see a style you like? Meek now has the capabilities to offer custom LED mirrors. Request your custom quote here.

Garage/Workshop Mirrors

When you are in your garage and you don’t have anything appealing to look at, look to Meek. We offer custom mirror projects or custom framing options to showcase your most prized possessions. Request your quote today.

What we recommend for you!

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors should not only be practical but also decorative and easily installed with solid mounting systems.  Meek offers many stainless steel options including custom sizes, custom frame face widths and the option to add defoggers (heating pads).

Lighting is always an important consideration in your bathroom décor.  Meek has elegant options of LED lighting for your bathroom.  Lighting may be at the top, sides or the entire perimeter or inside the mirror edge.  Meek’s custom polished edges and in-house frosting allows full customization of your mirror.  Don’t forget Meek also offers full length mirrors.


Bedroom Mirrors

Mirrors are an attractive option in the bedroom, especially above a chest of drawers or other decorative location such as the dressing area.  With over 2000 choices of Larson Juhl mouldings. Meek can provide you that custom mirror that is just perfect for you.  If you want something more contemporary or distinctive, then consider stainless steel, powder coated finishes, colored aluminum frames or lighted mirrors.

Kitchen Mirrors and Color Glass

Some avid cooks enjoy an adjustable mirror over the preparation area so that their guests can see what is being prepared for cooking.  Meek’s demonstration mirror with its stainless steel components is the perfect mirror for this job .  And, there is always the option of color glass as a backsplash.  You can also include a matte finish glass marker board (with color background complementing the kitchen décor).

Garage and Workshop Mirrors

The garage is becoming more of a focal point in many new homes. Just take a look at some of the new garage doors, lighting, flooring, workbenches and cabinets that are available.  A place where automobile, motorcycle, and motor enthusiasts gather with friends.  Meek has been providing gas station bathroom mirrors since 1961.  So if you are looking for that vintage feel, continue the trend with style and ease of installation.

  •  Standard size over the sink mirror.
  • Custom size mirrors (up to 120”  wide by 72” high)
  • Choice of reflective surface: ¼” glass, #8 stainless steel or Acrylic
  • Lighted mirrors with multiple options and sizes
  • Posters or custom photos mounted with lighting
  • Frameless or framed options