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Meek Mirrors is a reliable, industry-leading mirror company that constantly strives to infuse the elements of functionality and aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for a visually appealing mirror, Meek Mirrors offers an array of choices, including the round LED-lighted mirror.

The round LED-lighted mirror combines technology, high-quality materials, and superb workmanship to produce a product fit for any installation—whether residential or commercial. Check out below a short guide on Meek Mirrors’ round LED-lighted mirror.

Round LED Mirror Features

If you want a mirror that works just like a normal mirror but with an extra touch of elegance and wonder, the rounded LED mirror is a perfect choice. Meek Mirrors handcrafts all its mirrors and ensures they are perfectly shaped to meet their final form. The rounded LED mirror isn’t like ordinary mirrors found in the market.

It is important to note that Meek Mirrors is a team of creative geniuses and skilled engineers who can craft mirrors and related products to stand out. Fortunately, the rounded LED mirror stands out for its stunning visual appeal and, more importantly, for its amazing features. The round LED mirror features include:

  1. Relatively thin design. The mirror measures ¼”, making it one of the slimmest mirror sizes in our stock.
  2. Polished edges. The round LED mirrors also have well-polished edges since unpolished edges can easily cause cutting accidents.
  3. Stainless steel build. The round LED mirrors have a stainless steel mounting base and stainless steel hangers.
  4. LED lights. The LED light strips are perhaps the highlight of these mirrors that make them stand out while providing extra functionality.

These features make the round LED mirror suitable for installment in virtually any environment, whether in a commercial or residential restroom.

Why Install Round LED Mirrors

The mirrors stand out for their appeal and other factors that users can benefit from. Pros of the round LED mirrors include:

  1. Lighting option. The round LED mirror comes in options of either 3000k, 4000k, 5000k, or 6000k. The lower end of these options (3000k) produces soft or warm white or yellowish color light, thus making it an ideal installation for relaxation areas. The upper end (6000k) produces a bright daylight color, making it perfect for large restroom installations.
  2. Light placement options. The LED lights on the round LED mirror can be installed either at the back or side of the mirror. Both backlit and side-lit round LED mirrors come with different frosting options.
  3. Sturdy and durable. The stainless steel build on the round LED mirrors make it extra strong and durable.

Meek Mirrors round LED mirrors come standard as hard-wired. However, Meek Mirrors can add a plug to the system upon your request. Meek Mirrors has over a thousand LED mirrors in stock or they can customize your mirrors to match your specifications.

Order Your Round LED Mirrors from Meek Mirrors

Whether you are looking for a side-lit or backlit round LED mirror, Meek Mirrors has got you covered. We handcraft and polish all our mirror products to ensure the highest product quality. More importantly, we can recommend an installation team to help you mount the round LED mirrors to your place of choice. Custom order your round LED mirrors from us or contact us to learn more about the product.

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