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Meek Mirrors handcrafts a wide range of products and different types of mirrors fixtures for commercial spaces. With years of experience manufacturing mirrors, the experts at Meek Mirrors have the technical know-how to handcraft all common and unique types of mirrors for different clients. One of our signature mirror products is our high-quality rounded rectangular mirrors.

Rounded Rectangular Mirrors

Meek Mirrors designs and handcrafts this modern mirror with rounded corners on all sides and a floating gap. This contemporary wall mirror features two frame options. Depending on your interior design and preferences, you can get the rounded rectangular mirror in either a gold or black frame.

The mirror can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is perfect for bathrooms as well as other favorable spaces.

Product Features

  1. Black-Framed Rounded Rectangular Mirror

This rounded rectangular mirror features a premium black frame that has an element of flexibility and versatility for any interior design. The mirror features rounded corners and a floating gap. Its features include:

  • Aluminum hanging bracket. You can hang the mirror vertically or horizontally at your convenience using this bracket
  • The mirror has a powder-coated steel frame with a premium black finish
  • It measures 4mm with no bevel
  • It has a 1.38” frame depth.
  1. Gold-Framed Rounded Rectangular Mirror

This high-quality mirror features an elegant and visually appealing gold frame. Generally, gold finishes are associated with high-end or premium clients with luxury needs. This modern wall mirror also has rounded corners and a small floating gap. Generally, it is an ideal wall mirror for your luxurious bathroom or any befitting space.

Its features include:

  • An aluminum hanging bracket that can be used horizontally or vertically
  • It has a 1.38” frame depth
  • It is a 4mm mirror with no bevels
  • The mirror features a powder-coated steel frame with a premium gold finish.

Benefits of the Rounded Rectangular Mirror

  • The rectangular wall mirror adds elements of functionality and elegance to plain walls. Unlike the traditional round wall mirrors, the rounded rectangular mirror is a guaranteed eye-catcher
  • It has a sleek and sturdy powder-coated steel frame that introduces a hint of styling. Generally, the mirror exudes a clean and minimalistic design
  • The black finish blends perfectly with any décor. On the other hand, the gold finish adds an element of luxury and elegance. Either option is a functional and contemporary ideal choice for bathrooms and more
  • The rounded rectangular mirror comes ready to hang with mounting hardware for an easy installation process
  • In addition, the rounded corners reduce the chances of cuts and injuries associated with sharp edges, making it an ideal choice for schools and hospitals.

Handcrafted Rectangular Mirrors

Meek Mirrors handcrafts its products to meet customer expectations. You can specify your exact needs for the rounded rectangular mirrors.

The mirrors are manufactured to the highest industry standards. They are sturdy and highly durable. Moreover, the rounded rectangular mirrors are ideal for almost any space. Whether you are looking for a functional tool or an aesthetic piece, the mirror can fulfill all your needs.

Contact Meek Mirrors to place your order and specifications for the rounded rectangular mirrors.


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