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LED lights are among the latest sensation and trends in interior décor. Whether installing an LED mirror in your commercial or residential property, LED mirrors significantly add a touch of luxury and aesthetic appeal. Meek Mirrors produces and handcrafts two major types of LED mirrors; side-lit and back-lit LED mirrors. Below is a short buyer’s guide of the side-lit and back-lit LED mirrors from Meek Mirrors.

Side-lit and Back-lit Mirrors Features

The product from Meek Mirrors features a ¼ inch mirror making it ideal for areas with small dimensions. It also has polished edges that give it a clean and premium look perfect for any property installation. In addition, the side-lit and back-lit mirrors come with stainless steel hangers and a stainless steel mounted base, allowing for a sturdy installation.

The mirrors also feature reliable and durable energy-efficient LED lights that illuminate your entire space. Generally, Meek Mirrors’ side-lit and backlit mirrors are the perfect installations for a residential or commercial restroom space.

Side-lit and Backlit Mirrors: Which is Better?

Both mirror fixtures fulfill the main purpose of an illuminated mirror. They provide ample and well-balanced light for things requiring clear and even reflections. Both side-lit and backlit mirrors serve the same purpose of providing additional lighting and increasing a space’s aesthetic appeal.

However, every client has individual taste preferences when choosing between the two. Some people will generally prefer the backlit LED mirror, particularly due to its amazing aesthetic appeal. Aside from the LED placement, other factors that determine which one rivals the other include:

  • Design
  • Versatility.

Benefits of Meek Mirrors’ Side-lit and Back-lit Mirrors

  1. Versatile Frosting Options

Meek Mirrors LED mirrors can be side-lit or back-lit, each with different frosting options. This allows for the customization of orders to match the client’s taste preferences.

  1. Easily Replaceable LED lights

You can easily and conveniently replace the LED lights and drivers using Meek Mirror’s plug-and-play system.

  1. Options for LED light

The LED lighting is available in either 5000K (cool white) or 3000K (warm amber).

  1. Options for Cords

The mirror’s power cords can have a standard US plug. Alternatively, they can be hard-wired for different applications.

  1. A Wide Variety of Customizable Products

Meek Mirrors stocks over 1,000 LED mirrors. Most importantly, Meek Mirrors can customize mirror sizes to match your specifications and measurements.

  1. You Get to Save on Energy Bills

Side-lit and backlit mirrors using LED lighting can help you save a lot on energy costs. Generally, LED lights use less electricity and tend to last for approximately 40,000 hours.

Install side-lit and back-lit LED mirrors in your restroom and reduce the need to consume light from the traditional lighting system, subsequently reducing your carbon footprint.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Side-lit and back-lit LED mirrors add a touch of class and luxury to any room. Meek Mirrors can customize these mirrors to match different styles, designs, and sizes to fit your interior décor perfectly. Some mirror options have intricate designs that can potentially make a unique focal point for your living area or hallway.

Meek Mirrors Side-Lit and Backlit Mirrors

Meek Mirrors handcrafts and supplies high-quality lighted mirrors. Contact Meek Mirrors today to custom order either side-lit or back-lit mirrors for your residential or commercial property.


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