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Meek Mirrors has taken all the precautionary steps to make these tricky times easier to navigate. Along with producing sneeze guards to keep your work environment safe, we have fully implemented CDC recommendations to protect our employees and customers. We are at the forefront of taking preventative measures to contain the Covid-19. Sneeze guards have now become more relevant than ever in the prevention of the virus. At Meek Mirrors, we appreciate the role these glass and plastic barriers play.

Why are sneeze guards used?
At Meek Mirrors, like any other business, we have implemented social distancing as a containment measure. Social distancing demands that individuals be at least 6 feet from each other. What happens when a financial transaction is required? At 6 feet, it’s impossible to transact conveniently.

Meek Mirrors bridges this gap by providing a safe and cost-effective solution; the glass and plastic sneeze guards. Typically, our sneeze guards are made of plexiglass and acrylic that act as a barrier, thus breaking the spread of the virus. Our role, here at Meek Mirrors, is to provide sneeze guards to clients so you can transact worry-free.

Where can Meek Mirrors sneeze guards be used?

Any interaction that would typically require interaction between a shopper and a cashier or employee calls for a Meek Mirrors sneeze guards. The truth of it all is that it slows down the spread of bacteria. Some of the usual places where sneeze guards are used include:

    • Schools: Sneeze guards for schools are available at Meek Mirrors. Our dividers facilitate the separation of furniture for safer interaction between students and teachers. The sneeze guards are easy to fix and remove when necessary.
    • Restaurants and bakeries: As a restaurant owner, the best thing you can do to ease your customers’ tension is to use a restaurant sneeze guard. Our modular, easy to install, lightweight dividers not only protect your customers and employees, but they also add a modern look to the setup.
    • Cash registers and reception desks: Retail stores and grocery stores have installed sneeze guards in response to the CDC recommendations. Meek Mirrors sneeze guards are easy to clean. After a customer has finished dining, the separators can be easily wiped and sanitized. What’s more, the thin material and its transparency do not inhibit sound and visibility.
    • Public transportation: Meek Mirrors’ sneeze guards are applicable in buses, limousines, and taxi cabs. You no longer have to face social environments with the fear of infection.
    • Gyms: Your workout routine does not have to be affected. Using a sneeze guard from Meek Mirrors, you can stay ahead of the CDC recommendations while reopening. You can have us make a customized sneeze barrier for your gym or fitness studio by calling one of our consultants.

Order sneeze guards from a top manufacturer

Gas stations, grocery stores, and gyms now use screen guards to counter the virus’s spread. At Meek Mirrors, we provide reliable solutions to businesses and individuals looking to protect themselves and their loved ones. Our screen guards are easy to install, customizable to fit any height, and easy to clean. Reach out to us for more details about our sneeze guard products.

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