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Businesses have various types of commercial mirrors from which to choose. One of the oldest and most popular styles is the stainless-steel channel-framed mirrors.  These are commonly seen in high traffic public restrooms. The mirror is encased in a protective frame and with Meek’s proprietary mounting system, is theft-resistant. Here are other reasons why this type of mirror is common.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

The stainless-steel channel-framed mirror is very easy to install, has a lower “all in” cost than just plain mirror and can be done in a few minutes. In the event it is damaged, it may be replaced within one minute as there is no need to replace the wall plate. The galvanized wall plate has pre-located mounting holes for easy installation. Meek’s standard reflective surface is a commercial 1/4 inch float mirror.

The galvanized-steel wall plate is resistant to corrosion. Mounted correctly, the Meek Mirror should be a long-lasting fixture.

Modern Aesthetics

The stainless-steel channel-framed mirror has a traditional appearance and fits well in high traffic and industrial restrooms. The framing gives it a subtle and sophisticated look with a sense of minimalism and finesse with its mitered corners and finish.

Common sizes in inches for this style are 18×24, 18×30, 18×36 and 24×36.

The channel frame design can be used with various types of mirrors, such as tempered, laminated, acrylic, aluminum and polycarbonate mirrors.  Call Meek Mirrors to discuss special location or service requirements.

Warranty and Guarantee

Meek’s warranty on mirror glass is a 15-year guarantee, with a one year guarantee against defects related to workmanship and material from the date of purchase. The 15-year warranty for Meek mirror glass is against spoilage.

The general contractor and owner of the mirror must ensure the appropriate fasteners are used and they comply with all federal, state and local building codes. The warranty does not cover improper installation, such as inappropriate fasteners or mounting on walls with structural problems or using abrasive cleaning chemicals. To properly clean a mirror, simply water moisten a lint free rag and wipe down the mirror and frame.


Many commercial businesses use stainless steel channel framed mirrors to achieve a more professional look. Make sure these mirrors are installed properly so that you can enjoy many years of style and utility. Contact us at Meek Mirrors to learn about our stainless steel products.

Meek is a locally-owned manufacturing company in Fort Smith, Arkansas that manufactures high-quality glass and steel products that include customized mirrors, framed mirrors, lighted mirrors, glass marker boards, and contemporary shelves.

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