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Your safety is paramount, especially when on slippery or unstable grounds. There are different ways you can ensure safety, for example, installing grip-enabled floors or installing grab bars in your bathroom and high-traffic locations. Grab bars are the most practical installation you can add to your bathroom features. Are you looking for the best quality grab bars for your commercial bathroom? Check out Meek Mirrors today! 

Meek Mirrors Stainless Steel Grab Bars

Meek Mirrors supplies high-quality stainless steel grab bars. Designed specifically for high-traffic areas and wet surfaces, Meek Mirrors stainless steel grab bars offer multiple finish options. These allow for optimization in nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, residential and commercial use.

Meek Mirrors stainless steel grab bars are manufactured with snap flanges and meet all building codes for barrier-free design.

Features of the Stainless Steel Grab Bars

All the grab bar parts are welded to form a single complete unit and bend at 90° with 1 ½ inch standard wall clearance.

Meek Mirrors grab bars are designed with stainless steel type 304, a solid and durable option. The type 304 stainless steel has low carbon, is economical grade and improves resistance to post-weld corrosion. Aside from corrosion resistance, type 304 steel has superb formability and cleanability, making it popular for daily use items such as kitchen sinks.

The stainless steel grab bars also feature a high-grade 22 gauge escutcheon that conceals and protects the screws that hold the bar to wall surfaces.

The snap-lock flange is a cost and strength-improved direct-to-wall design that is easy to install over set screw fastening systems.

Meek Mirrors uses and recommends the 18 gauge tubing for the grab bar. The 18 gauge tubing has been time-tested to withstand exerted weights of up to 1800 pounds, provided it has been installed properly.

Meek Mirrors offers grab bars in different sizes ranging from 12 inches to 48 inches in 1 ½ inch tubings.

Benefits of the Stainless Steel Grab Bars

  • Barrier free design. This features increases accessibility to those with or without moving disabilities
  • Strength and durability. Meek Mirrors uses high quality stainless steel to design the grab bars. Moreover, they are designed to be corrosion resistant, making them ideal for bathrooms
  • Comfort. These stainless steel bars feature the No.4 satin finish, which allows for easy, non-slippery grip
  • Versatile options. Meek Mirrors supplies stainless steel grab bars in different sizes that you can customize to your bathroom specs.
  • Guarantee/ Warranty. Meek Mirrors gives you a one-year guarantee on all its products, including the stainless steel grab bars. The guarantee is against defects in material and workmanship.
  • Ease of Installation. These grab bars are easy to install. Moreover, the stainless steel grab bars come with installation guides. The manufacturer also provides screws for the installation process.

Talk to Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors supplies handcrafted and customized products to residential, industrial, and commercial clients. If you are looking for barrier-free design stainless steel grab bars, Meek Mirrors provides them in different sizes. The stainless steel grab bars are time tested and ensure proper grip regardless of the installation location.

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