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The requirement for companies to implement protective sneeze guards for employees and customers has considerably expanded since the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic. When looking for the ideal partition for your company, there are multiple factors to consider such as location, size, and cost. However, it is also important to understand what sneeze guards are and why you need them in your workplace.

What are Sneeze Guards?

Before the onslaught of the Coronavirus, you rarely saw sneeze guards or any types of partitions outside of hospitals, bakeries, and buffets to protect people or food from droplets. The glass acrylic screen creates a partition between the employee and the interacting customer. Most recently, sneeze guards have become a practical and useful tool across all industries to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus and other types of illnesses.

Retail Sneeze Guards

If you own a restaurant or retail store, a partition has become a necessity to keep customers and employees safe. Implementing sneeze guards creates an additional safety layer from spreading the virus and is a great addition when coupled with masks and gloves. In a restaurant setting, a partition is a great option for separating guests at tables to ensure and since they are clear, each table does not feel isolated from the rest of the restaurant so they can still enjoy the experience.

How to Stay Safe with Sneeze Guards

Continuing to operate a company during the Pandemic is not an easy task. Numerous details must be considered to ensure all visitors remain protected from contamination. One of the best measures you can take is to add a high-quality partition for any location where people are interacting. In an office, this could mean clear partitions between desks that protect from inter-employee contamination and employee-customer contamination. This also gives every visitor or staff member peace of mind in knowing that your company is taking all precautions to ensure safety.

One important aspect of staying safe when using sneeze guards is to create a workplace that is safe for staff and customers. In addition to installing a partition at each point of contact, create a cleaning schedule that the entire team follows daily. This may include wiping down sneeze guards and counters at predetermined times during the business day. Also, staggering your employees in the office to certain days, requiring a mask, and checking temperatures at the door will help further protect employees and customers.

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There are no downsides to implementing a partition or sneeze guard within your company. They help protect everyone from illness, make customers and employees feel safer, and help further prevent the spread of Coronavirus. What are you waiting for? Contact Meek Mirrors today for more information on transforming your business with a partition or sneeze guard!

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