What are Some Types of Commercial Mirrors?

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When thinking about commercial projects who often thinks of the washroom or lobby, unless you are in the section 10 division. What washroom or lobby would be complete without any commercial mirrors. Whether you are looking into commercial mirrors or simple theft-resistant restroom mirrors, Meek offers a variety of commercial mirrors with many different makes each with a unique design to hopefully help satisfy your project needs. There are some areas in a residence or business that may have special requirements or needs in mind. The size and placement of a mirror has a lot to do with the task that the customer is intending to accomplish. Some customers may need special accommodations that’s when Meek’s adjustable and fixed-tilt mirrors come in handy to help facilitate wheelchair users or smaller, shorter people. ADA accommodated mirrors help with visibility by tilting a full 6” (max) and then still may return to a regular position when desired. Fixed tilt mirrors are fixed to the wall and already have a set tilt of 4” at the top and 1” at the bottom to serve the same purpose but without the need to manually tilt back and forth.  Meek offers a variety of commercial mirrors see the list below:

·         Channel Framed Mirror

·         Angle Framed Mirror

·         Adjustable Tilt Mirror

·         ADA Fixed Tilt Mirror

·         Tempered Glass Mirror

·         Custom Sized Mirrors

Meek offers many other types of framed mirrors browse our catalog on our website to learn more.

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