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Many additions can be made to commercial spaces to spruce up their look. The use of wood-framed mirrors is one such ideal choice. For instance, these mirrors will be a great addition to your spa parlor. These mirrors have a spicy way of making your space beautiful, warm and welcoming. The mirrors are best placed on corridors and walkways because that is where there is much traffic.

You will be surprised by how your guests and employees will be popping on them and stealing a glance. Meek Mirrors is a company that you can reach out to if you want wood-framed mirrors. No matter your commercial space’s size, these experts will have the mirrors customized to your size and preference.

Main features of wood framed mirrors?

Purchasing wood frame mirrors from Meek Mirrors equals getting value for your money. They are classic and are available in many designs and sizes. Further, they boast wood molding of high quality. Additionally, they also have different ways of hanging these magical mirrors in your business.

Meek Mirrors’ concealed mounting security system is the best as it protects the pieces from being vandalized. You can use the mirrors in hospitals, restaurants, and apartments.

Choosing the right mirror shape

There is a satisfaction that comes with choosing the right wood frame mirror for your commercial space. Most people get confused in mirror workshops and have a difficult time choosing. However, it would help if you considered the functionality of the mirror before purchasing your preference. Here is a brief on different mirror shapes that you can get at Meek Mirrors.

Square mirrors

Square mirrors are excellent in creating a visual balance in a commercial space. This is more so when they are placed amid photographs and some framed artworks. They perfectly break the monotony of any space and add some style.

  • Rectangular mirrors

Rectangular mirrors are the best for bathrooms, living rooms, or hallways in your commercial space. They also add a traditional touch and some attractive designs. Additionally, these mirrors bring out the height and width of a specific room in your commercial place.

Advantages of Wood Framed Mirrors

  • They are available in different colors. You can have them in natural wood color or go for other options.
  • They are available in different shapes. The moldings come in different profiles.
  • The wooden material brings a touch of nature into your commercial space. It will ensure your space remains decorated for ages.
  • Wood can be complemented with metals and result in a beautiful product boasting a unique texture and color.
  • Another advantage of wood-framed mirrors is that they will serve you for a long time. This is only possible with proper maintenance.

Bottom line

Wood-framed mirrors add a great taste of style and modernity to commercial spaces. They are the best additions to your money-making space. The mirrors come in different sizes, shapes and are made of other wood materials. No matter the size and shape you choose, you are assured of many advantages, as discussed above. You can contact Meek Mirrors and to get a quote or place an order.


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