Mirror Glazing Options

Plate Glass Mirror

This Industry Standard is regular 1/4”(6mm) glass with a back surface coating of silver, which produces images by reflection. This produces the best reflective quality.

Category II Tape Backed Mirror

Standard 1/4” plate glass mirror backed with category II tape. When a mirror is backed with cat II tape, it serves the same purpose as tempered mirror.

Laminated Mirror

Made of two pieces of glass (one with a mirror coating) and a vinyl layer in between, This glass is held together when shattered.

Tempered Mirror

This safety option changes the glass structurally so when it is broken there are smaller pieces instead of potentially larger jagged pieces that is typical with plate glass breakage. It will have some distortion due to it’s production process.

Acrylic Mirror

A plastic mirror that is lighter and more difficult to break than plate glass mirror. It is more to susceptible to scratching. Cleaning should only be done with very soft cloth and water.

Polycarbonate Mirror

A plastic mirror that is made to be softer than acrylic mirror so that it gives. This mirror is extremely lightweight and offers a superior optical clarity. It is virtually unbreakable.

Aluminum Mirror

A mirror with a 100% recycled solid core, making it a green product. This mirror has an aluminum reflective outer surface on the front and an aluminum matte finish on the back. It is virtually unbreakable.

Stainless Steel Mirror

Our stainless steel is buffed to create a highly reflective finish that mimics a mirror. This #8 stainless steel mirror is unbreakable.

Defogger Education | Meek Mirrors | Mirror Customizations
De-Fogger Add-on

To reduce the fog moisture on your mirror, Meek can add an electric defogger to the mirror. The defogger consists of a very thin electric heating pad that is attached to the back of the mirror. The pad creates a gentle warmth on the mirror’s surface to prevent moisture from condensing on the mirror’s surface during a shower or bath.

Installation Videos

Channel Frame Install Video

Installation Education | Meek Mirrors | Channel Frame Installation Video

Angle Frame Install Video

Education | Meek Mirrors | Angle Frame Installation Video

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