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It is time to transform your space into absolute luxury with an infinity mirror manufactured by Meek Mirrors. The infinity mirror is the perfect symbol of elegance and class that you can add to your home bathrooms, dressing or make-up areas, or anywhere you see fit!

This frameless floating mounted mirror adds a touch with the use of the highest quality materials and superb workmanship. Meek Mirrors is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of mirrors and related products based out of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Read further to understand why the infinity mirror is a must-buy for your home!

Infinity Mirror Features

The mirror stands out for more than its sleek design. Unlike most manufacturers, Meek Mirrors puts extra thought into the finer details when handcrafting each mirror type, including the infinity mirror. Features that stand out in the infinity mirrors include:


  1. Floating mirror. These mirrors exercise elegance through While most vanity mirrors are glued directly to wall surfaces resting against a backsplash, a floating infinity mirror floats elegantly and is well balanced.
  2. 22 Gauge, 304 stainless steel The floating mirror is designed to float in a high-quality stainless steel box for extra protection and durability.
  3. Satin The mirror’s edges are well-trimmed and come in an elegant satin finish for extra visual appeal. Can also be pwder-coated.
  4. Customizable frame You can order the infinity in your desired frame depth to match your specifications and needs.
  5. Concealed The infinity mirror has a theft-resistant concealed mounting that keeps the fixture free from unnecessary vandalism.


While these features are directly correlated to the mirror’s functionality, they also contribute to its popularity and viability in different settings such as office buildings, hotels, apartments, and retail stores. The theft-resistant concealed mounting makes the infinity mirror perfect for commercial establishment restrooms due to the high foot traffic and the increased possibility of vandalism.


Pros of this Modern Mirror

 The infinity mirror is a favorite for several reasons, including:


  1. Aesthetic The floating nature of the mirror, combined with the beautiful finishing, makes the infinity mirror a visually appealing and somewhat luxurious installation.
  2. Available in Meek Mirrors supplies the infinity mirror in a couple of mirror glazing options-¼” plate glass or tempered mirror. As such, you can customize the mirror to your precise liking.
  3. Custom Made. Meek Mirrors can provide different elements of customization for you to choose from. For instance, you can choose to have the stainless steel box powder-coated or


Order Custom Mirrors from Meek Mirrors

The infinity mirror is a popular choice for clients who want to add an element of elegance to your property. It is perfect for residential and high-end commercial spaces! Our mirror experts at Meek Mirrors in Fort Smith, Arkansas can advise you more about infinity mirrors and other mirror alternatives. Contact Meek Mirrors to custom order the mirror according to your specifications today!

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