Best Company For Commercial Mirrors | Meek Mirrors

Best Commercial Mirrors | Meek Mirrors

When it comes to commercial mirrors, your place of business should have the best. These commercial mirrors need to fit precise requirements and often need to be more durable as the mirrors will come in contact with more people throughout the day. You’ll also need a larger quantity of the mirrors. No matter the size

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Benefits Of Meek Channel Mirrors® | Meek Mirrors

Benefits of Meek Channel Mirrors | Meek Mirrors

A stainless steel framed mirror is much more appealing. The Channel mirror is especially suited for commercial as well as residential properties. The mirrors can be used in residential bathrooms as well as high traffic areas in retail spaces. The glass mirrors are framed inside stainless steel channels and galvanized steel for protection. 1.    High-Quality

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Iconic Products | Meek Mirrors

Snap Frame Mirror | Meek Mirrors

We’re constantly bombarded with images, trademarks, and designs that are we consider iconic. You have your favorites. Perhaps it’s the Apple logo, Budweiser Clydesdale horses, Nike, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Columbia or Starbucks. Some of my favorites designs are from Coca Cola, Rolex, Eames, M&M, McDonald’s, and Porsche 911.   However, my absolute favorites are Meek’s

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Stainless Steel Channel-Framed Mirror | American Made Products

Channel Framed Mirror | Meek Mirrors

Businesses have various types of commercial mirrors from which to choose. One of the oldest and most popular styles is the stainless-steel channel-framed mirrors.  These are commonly seen in high traffic public restrooms. The mirror is encased in a protective frame and with Meek’s proprietary mounting system, is theft resistant. Here are other reasons why this type of

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Tempered Glass

Did you know that tempered glass is four times stronger than annealed glass? The main reason why tempered glass is much safer and stronger than standard glass is that it’s made using a slower cooling process. A slower cooling process helps the glass break in a “safe way” by shattering into many small pieces versus

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What are Some Types of Commercial Mirrors

When thinking about commercial projects who often thinks of the washroom or lobby, unless you are in the section 10 division. What washroom or lobby would be complete without any commercial mirrors. Whether you are looking into commercial mirrors or simple theft resistant restroom mirrors, Meek offers a variety of commercial mirrors with many different

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