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Are you looking for an impressive mirror choice to spruce up your interior decor? Meek Mirrors’ classic frameless mirrors are an impeccable choice of mirror design capable of transforming any interior space.

Designed with the customers in mind, the frameless mirrors allow for full and clear visibility as well as edge-to-edge reflection. Discover more about Meek Mirrors and its cutting-edge frameless mirror design.

What Are Frameless Mirrors?

As the name suggests, frameless mirrors don’t have the typical frames present in common mirror designs. They don’t have a metal or wood border, meaning they are all glass.

This borderless look and appearance is clean and modern and is perfect for entry halls, vanity bath areas, etc.

Due to their lack of frames, frameless mirrors contribute to a feeling of spaciousness and openness, making any room appear bigger. With their seamless finishes, frameless mirrors go well with minimalistic and modern styles.

Features of Frameless Mirrors?

Generally, frameless mirrors feature an all-glass appearance ideal for various room styles. However, not all frameless mirrors share the same features, especially if designed and manufactured by different brands.

Meek Mirrors frameless mirrors stand out for their uniqueness and unrivaled features, which include:

  1. ¼” Thickness. Meek’s frameless mirrors are expertly designed to fit areas with small dimensions. They are the perfect tight-fitting installation, especially if you have a relatively small home.
  2. Sleek Design. Even for a frameless design, these mirrors are impressively sleek and stylish. Regardless of where you install them, Meek’s frameless mirrors bring out a unique element of style absent in other mirror types.
  3. Versatile. Meek’s frameless mirrors are versatile enough for any installation, whether commercial or residential. You can install it in residential bathrooms, hallways, or virtually any desirable space. You can also install these frameless mirrors in commercial properties such as hotels, gyms, retail centers, etc., in their bathrooms, entryways, and any other space you deem fit.

Why Install Meek’s Frameless Mirrors? Advantages

Purchasing frameless mirrors from Meek Mirrors has its set of advantages since Meek thrives on its reputation as the leading American and global mirror manufacturer. Here are some of the reasons you should purchase and install Meek Mirrors’ frameless mirrors.

  1. Custom Order. You can order Meek’s frameless mirrors in custom sizes to fit even the tightest spaces. You can also make a special request/ order for J molding and mirror mastic.
  2. Multiple Configuration Options. Meek’s engineers manufacture frameless mirrors in multiple options. For instance, you can purchase and install Meek’s mirrors in different mounting options, including mastic, standoffs, aluminum j-channel, or clips (metal or plastic). You can also purchase the frameless mirrors in different edge options, including bevel edge, pencil polished, or flat polished edge.
  3.  Easy installation. Meek’s products are easy to install and replace should you choose to do the installations yourself. Otherwise, you can get expert recommendations for any installation experts near you to assist with the installation.
  4. High-Quality Products. Meek Mirrors uses the best products made in the USA to handcraft your frameless mirrors to perfection. Rest assured, the end product is designed for strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

About Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors has been manufacturing high-quality mirror designs like the classic frameless mirrors for over five decades. Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Meek Mirrors is dedicated to serving the larger American and global markets by designing and crafting top-of-the-line mirrors and related products with the help of an expert crew.

Contact Meek Mirrors today to order your frameless mirrors in a single unit order or bulk, depending on your installation needs.

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