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If you’re looking for an attractive. design for your interior spaces, the rounded rectangular mirror from Meek Mirrors is a must-try. The rounded rectangular mirror is set within a simple and straightforward frame that lends an attractive floating effect to the fixture. This makes it the perfect installation to add texture to sleek modern spaces.

Meek Mirrors is the leading mirror manufacturer located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Read further to learn more about the rounded rectangular mirror and how Meek Mirrors is the best mirror manufacturer.

Features of Rounded Rectangular Mirror

Common features of the rounded rectangular mirror include:

  1. Thin Design. The rounded rectangular mirror measures 4mm with no bevel. This thin design helps to save space and provide a sleek design.
  2. Hanging Bracket. The rounded rectangular mirror comes with a hanging bracket designed for either horizontal or vertical mounting.
  3. Different Frame Finish. The rounded rectangular mirror comes in either a gold or black frame finish in case you want to customize the installation to your interior decor.
  4. Powder-coated Frame. The rounded rectangular mirror comes in a steel build measuring 1.38” and is powder-coated to provide damage resistance from scratches and impacts. The powder coating also extends the frame’s gold or black color.
  5. Different Sizes. The rounded rectangular mirror is available in stock in two sizes: 24” X 36” or 18” X 36”. However, you can also order the rounded rectangular mirror in custom sizes if you have precise size specifications for large-quantity projects.

Why Install Meek Mirrors Rounded Rectangular Mirrors?

Meek Mirrors products stand out from the competitors for their high quality and impeccable designs. Here is why you should order rounded rectangular mirrors from Meek.

  1. Configurable Order. You can custom order Meek’s rounded rectangular in either gold or black frame finishes.
  2. Sleek Designs. Meek Mirrors’ design team is highly skilled and qualified in defining product designs to meet different user preferences. The rounded rectangular mirror is impeccably designed with top-notch finishes. You can install the mirror in your bathroom, or anywhere you deem fit.
  3. Import Options. Meek Mirrors has import options allowing you to import your desirable mirror designs to your location, regardless of the distance. Meek is the largest mirror product supplier globally and can ensure you receive your products with either of its unique import options. 

About Meek Mirrors

Meek Mirrors has been manufacturing mirrors for over five decades and continues to be the number one global mirror manufacturer. Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Meek Mirrors prides itself on designing and handcrafting high-quality mirrors using locally sourced materials and products made in the USA.

Contact Meek Mirrors today to learn more about its products or custom order any of its products to be shipped with its various import options.

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