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P-Trap Covers by Meek Mirrors

A p-trap cover protects p-traps from external damage, among other uses. Learn more about p-trap covers, their usages, and why you should rely on Meek Mirrors as the leading supplier of p-trap covers.

What Are P-Trap Covers?
A p-trap cover is designed to cover and protect insulated drain p-traps. Generally, this serves a functional (protective) and aesthetic purpose.

What Are P-Trap Covers Used for?
The main usages for p-trap covers include:

P-traps under sink pipe covers are mostly visible, creating an almost cluttered appearance. P-trap covers hide exposed pipes underneath sinks in your kitchens or bathrooms. This helps to create a clean, minimalistic, and professional look.

Exposed pipes and plumbing fixtures may increase the chances of accidents, such as cuts, abrasions, and burns, especially for individuals with limited mobility. Therefore, ADA-compliant p-trap covers protect users with limited mobility from cuts, abrasions, and direct contact with pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Structural Protection
P-trap covers protect the p-traps from external damages common as a result of accidents or vandalism. As such, they increase the p-trap’s durability and structural integrity.

Purchasing P-Trap Covers
Purchasing and installing p-trap covers is an investment in your plumbing. However, before you install any p-trap covers from any supplier, regardless of their background, it is wise to understand what to look for in the product and the supplier and manufacturer.

Meek Mirrors is a highly reputable manufacturer of high-quality p-trap covers. We manufacture and supply p-trap covers that meet even the most stringent contractor requirements and needs.

Here is what to look for when installing p-trap covers and why Meek Mirrors is a customer-favorite supplier of p-trap covers.

Meek Mirrors is ADA-compliant and designs p-trap covers to comply with structural requirements to meet all user safety needs. ADA-compliance requirements are especially intended to ensure the safety of users with limited mobility, such as those in wheelchairs.

High-Quality Build
A high-quality build that is highly durable and can withstand external pressure or damage. Meek Mirrors uses only the best quality stainless steel to manufacture p-trap covers. The benefits of this build include unmatched resistance to corrosion, water damage, rust, and vandalism.

Meek Mirrors can powder-coat p-trap covers to create a stronger finish than traditional painting. The result is a strong build and increased protection for the p-traps and the surrounding parts. Powder-coating is rust-resistant, making Meek’s p-trap covers the best installations for high-moisture areas like the bathroom.

Our Warranty
One key factor to consider when purchasing p-trap covers is the ability to claim a warranty on your product to avoid losing your investment.

Meek Mirrors attaches a 1-year warranty against defects in workmanship or product materials. Ensure you use one of our recommended p-trap cover installation experts or cleaners. Improper p-trap cover installation or cleaning may void this warranty.

Main Takeaway
Meek Mirrors, located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is a leading manufacturer of p-trap covers for residential and commercial use. Having been in the industry for over 60 years, we understand customer needs when designing and manufacturing p-trap covers and other products. Contact us to custom order p-trap covers or learn how to use and maintain them.

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