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The wood-framed mirror is a long-standing design tradition dating back to the earliest centuries. Owing to its stylishness, design versatility, and customer appreciation, leading manufacturers such as Meek Mirrors constantly improve on previous designs to supply impeccably designed wood-framed mirrors. Learn more about the wood-framed mirror and why Meek Mirrors is the leading mirror manufacturer in the US.

Features of Wood-Framed Mirrors

Wood-framed mirrors come in multiple varieties depending on the manufacturer, brand, etc. Each mirror brand has its own set of unique features and elements.

Below are common features of wood-framed mirrors from Meek Mirrors–the leading manufacturer of high-quality mirrors.

  1. High-Quality Wood Molding

Wood moldings help to hide or protect surfaces between corners and walls. They may also be used to ease the transition between various materials, like fabric and wallpaper. In addition, wood moldings also create an impressive aesthetic appeal.

Meek Mirrors partners with Larson Juhl–a recognized industry leader in the manufacturing of a wide range of fantastic custom picture frames–to manufacture wood-framed mirrors using their top-notch wood molding. Larson Juhl supplies Meek with beautiful handcrafted wood molding that is functional and aesthetically appealing.

  1. Advanced Security System

The wood-framed mirror comes with Meek Mirrors’ concealed mount security cleat system. This ensures a perfect anchor and safety measure when hanging the wood-framed mirror. It also safeguards the mirror from falls and damage.

  1. Varied Mirror Options

The wood-framed mirror can come in either of the eight Meek Mirrors options, which include:

  • Plate glass mirror
  • Laminated mirror
  • Category II tape-backed mirror
  • Tempered mirror
  • Acrylic mirror
  • Polycarbonate mirror
  • Aluminum mirror
  • Stainless steel mirror.

Each of these mirrors offers a unique feature for your varying needs.

Advantages of Wood-Framed Mirrors

Benefits of purchasing wood-framed mirrors from Meek include:

  1. Custom Sizing

Meek Mirrors’ wood-framed mirrors are made according to size specifications. You can order them in specific sizes to meet your space needs without going under or overboard.

  1. Wide Molding Options

Meek’s wood-framed mirrors come in over 2000 molding options, allowing you to customize your order and installation to your liking.

  1. Versatile

Wood-framed mirrors can be installed in a multitude of places, residential and commercial alike. They are excellent for restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and apartments. You can even install one in your home office or study.

  1. Appeal

Wood-framed mirrors create a timeless appearance that is also stylish. It gives your interior decor a premium look and feel.

Order Yours Today

Meek Mirrors is a leading mirror manufacturer based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They use top-of-the-line raw materials to design and handcraft some of the best mirror products in the market, like wood-framed mirrors. Contact Meek Mirrors today to custom-order your wood-framed mirror.

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